Saturday, May 8, 2021

Prayer for today

Prayer for today helps you to find praying inspiration for every day of the week. Originally written prayer for today consists of Bible verse, meditation text and inspirational prayer. This will enrich your daily prayer life, will help to keep fresh prayer attitude, don’t let to fall into unconscious praying routine.


rejoice in the Lord

REJOICE IN THE LORD Prayer for December 26

Rejoice in the Lord Prayer - December 26. To those who are distracted and unheard, Paul says twice, "Rejoice!" To those who have not yet heard, “Rejoice in the Lord! Rejoice!” In fact, joy...
peace of God

THE PEACE OF GOD Bible Verse about Peace for Today April 12

The peace of God. Peace may not necessarily mean the absence of war. Man who lives by the grace of God carries true peace in his heart as a gift received from God. Bible Verse...
prayer of faith

A PRAYER OF FAITH Daily Devotional for February 12

Daily devotional and Prayer for February 12. A Prayer of Faith. Prayer is the grace that God has bestowed upon man to communicate and have fellowship with Him. Effectiveness in prayer will depend on...
Jesus washes disciples feet


Maundy Thursday meaning. People rarely pay attention to one very important detail of the Last Supper, which is described by the Evangelist John - Jesus washes the feet of His disciples. He explains what...
humble yourself

HUMBLE YOURSELF meaning in the Bible. Prayer for Today April 10

Humility is a state of being humble. The word Humility comes from the Latin word humilis that means low. Biblically humility is the way to exaltation. Bible verse for today "Humble yourselves in the sight of...
Holy Saturday meaning

GRIEF AND HOPE Holy Saturday Meaning

Holy Saturday meaning. Our Lord Jesus died on the Cross and His body lays in the tomb. Grief and hope, are the two keywords for this Saturday. The experience of death always includes grief....
bible verse of the day

PATIENCE Bible Verse of the Day. April 11

The Bible verse of the day is about patience. Patience is forbearance or endurance. It is the ability to wait for something without getting tired. Bible Verse of the Day But let patience have its perfect...