Daily prayer guide

We have different prayer life experiences. Some of us practice prayer all our lives, while others just starting to look how to start daily prayer life and need guide. Here you will find the main daily prayer guide, which explains step by step how to pray right, what are the types of prayer and in what situations they could be used.
prayer to God for healing

PRAYER TO GOD FOR HEALING Based on Faith. God Wants to Heal You

God wants to heal you. Yes, God wants to, but do we want to? Some insights on praying, believing, trusting, and surrendering to God. You must learn this if you wish for God to...
Unanswered prayers

Unanswered Prayers – Silence is not the same as No

We have all experienced this on our faith journey - when we pour out our hearts in prayer, asking for guidance, healing, or a sign, and instead of an answer, we receive only silence....
What is Called Prayer definition

What is Called Prayer? – Prayer Definition Christian Perspective

In Christianity, prayer is a foundational aspect of faith and spiritual life. It's more than a religious ritual; it's a personal and communal way to communicate with God. Understanding what Christians call prayer, its...
what is in a prayer

What is in a Prayer?

Prayer, often seen as the spiritual circle of salvation for believers, is formed through a regular practice that combines unique human experience, emotions, and divine communication. But what makes up a prayer? What elements...
how to start praying to god

How to Pray to God? How to Start Praying Step-by-Step Guide

Prayer is an intimate act, a personal conversation between you and the Creator. While many believers understand the importance of prayer, structuring it can be challenging. How to Pray to God? How to Start...
purpose of prayer

What is the Purpose of Prayer?

At its heart, prayer offers a means to reach God. But what exactly is the purpose of prayer? What is the Purpose of Prayer The purpose of prayer is to develop a relationship with God, foster...
The Power of Daily Prayer How to Make it a Habit

The Power of Daily Prayer: How to Make it a Habit

The Power of Daily Prayer - How to Make it a Habit. Prayer is one of the most powerful tools that we have as Christians. It allows us to communicate directly with God and...
Can you eat meat on Ash Wednesday

Can you eat meat on Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent in the Christian calendar, a period of fasting and reflection leading up to Easter. Many people wonder whether they should fast or can you eat meat...
God hears our prayers bible verse

GOD HEARS OUR PRAYERS Bible verses confirm this

Don't be surprised if you have a natural question about faith: "Do we have reason to believe that God hears us?" That is an essential thing. The answer is definite: Yes, we have reason...
the serenity prayer

Serenity Prayer – Philosophy for Living Balanced and Fulfilling Life

The Serenity Prayer is a simple yet profound prayer that has offered guidance and comfort to millions worldwide. Its appeal lies in its powerful message of wisdom, acceptance, and courage in facing life's challenges....