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Ultimate Prayer Guide for Christians to Pray God Daily

Prayer guide for Christians

For Christians – How to Pray God Daily. It is not essential who you are – a young Christian taking the first steps in the faith or a more experienced believer, it would not be too much knowledge about the prayer life. Our prayer journal has prepared many insights about prayer. Please find a prayer guide for Christians to pray God daily. It consists of 6 parts. This guide will help you go step by step into the depth of the prayer world.

  1. Christian prayer – about the prayer in general.
  2. Worship and Praise.
  3. Thanksgiving prayer to God.
  4. Petition prayer.
  5. Blessing prayer.
  6. Intercessory prayer.

Guide for Christians to Pray God Daily

1 Christian Prayer

The first part of the prayer guide speaks about prayer in general. What is prayer, and what are the types and levels of prayer? Prayer gives us the privilege to stand in the presence of God, our Creator, and to talk to Him.


2 Worship and Praise

The second part of the guide leads us to the depth of prayer life and gives us some knowledge about the essential prayer types – Worship and Praise. Again, we stand in the presence of God, full of excitement about how great and, at the same time, humbled He is.

He is the Lord of the World and, simultaneously, a loving Father of us. When you understand this deeply, you start to say worship words. When you read the Word of God, you see how God loves and cares about the people. Then, our lips begin to praise Him.


3 Thanksgiving Prayer

The third part of the guide acknowledges us with the thanksgiving prayer. We want to thank Him for everything when we see God loves people and cares about us with forgiveness and consolation. Here, you will find excellent insights on expressing your Thanksgiving to God.


4 Petition Prayer

The fourth part of the guide encourages us not to be afraid and to address our loving heavenly Father with a petition prayer. Yes, it‘s the most important and proper way to talk to God. God wants to participate in our lives and support, help, and encourage us. This prayer guide part gives you magnificent insights about the petition prayer.


5 Blessing Prayer

The fifth guide part talks about the most heart-warming prayer form – the Blessing prayer. We should share all the love we receive from God. Strangely, the love we share with others comes back multiplied, especially from God. A blessing prayer is a prayer of love. We wish the best for others, addressing the excellent and loving words to God. We ask Him to bless and care about others with His mighty hands.


6 Intercessory Prayer

And finally, the sixth part of the guide allows us to understand that one of the most beautiful expressions of our love for others is prayer on behalf of others.

The Bible clearly states – to care about others, not only yourself. Don‘t forget the people next to you because they are the children of God, the same as you are. If you want to participate in God‘s love, pray for other God‘s children, especially if you can‘t do much in their difficult situation. This type of prayer is called Intercessory prayer.


I highly recommend reading The Prayer Guide for Christians from the beginning until the end. It will be one of the most beautiful experiences and the beginning of your prayer pathway to God. Then, pray to God daily, and you will see the difference in your life.


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