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Praise and Worship – Most Important Prayer

Yes, praise and worship is the most important prayer. Prayer is communication with God. Prayer should never be a one-sided affair. It should not just be a place of endless supplication.

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In this article, you will get answers to these questions about prayer:

  • What is the difference between praise and worship?
  • What is a prayer of worship?
  • What is a prayer of praise?
  • Examples of praise and worship.
  • Why do I need to worship and praise?

As much as God enjoys meeting your needs as you present them to Him in prayer, he also wants it when his children approach him in worship and praise. So then we come to God, not because we have other needs, but because we want to praise Him for His works or worship Him for His attributes.

This is the correct position for us to take because God is a Father who loves us and deserves our words of praise. It gives us joy to be proud of Him and to honor Him.

Praise prayer Psalm 150

What is the difference between praise and worship?

The critical question is, what is the difference between a prayer of praise and worship? The two types of prayer are similar, but the content is different.

Two aspects are worth noting – first, God’s attributes, and second, God’s actions.

Attributes refer to adjectives that describe God Himself, while God’s works refer to what He has done.

For example, God’s attributes might be that He is eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, faithful, loving-kindness, everlasting love, merciful, etc.

God’s works can be: He keeps me alive, shows me great grace, shows mercy, forgives my sins, hears my prayers, helps me in times of trouble, etc.

Worship focuses on God’s character, while praise focuses on God’s actions.

What is a prayer of worship?

Christian worship happens when we express reverence and adoration to God. We worship Him for who He is. God is eternal and omnipotent, loving and faithful, just and merciful. God is absolute perfection, and we admire Him. And we express this in our prayers.

Prayer of worship makes us more aware of how powerful God is.

What is a prayer of praise?

We praise God for His works.

Praise is a broad category that includes every act of God that shows us how glorious He is. Praise, on the other hand, is verbal worship, a prayer in which we proclaim and celebrate the beautiful works of the Lord.

Prayer of praise makes us more aware of God’s wonderful works and miracles in our lives and the world.

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Example of Prayer of Praise and Worship

Almighty eternal God, Heavenly Father, I thank you for your loving kindness and everlasting love. It is because of your great mercies that I am still alive. When I remember what a filthy lump of clay you took me from, I cannot but praise you. What you have done in my life is wonderful and a testament to your great power. But even if you had done nothing, you remain the omniscient God, the Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Therefore, I praise You for what You have done in my life, and I worship You for who You are. Consequently, I chose to give you all my praise and worship, for, through generations, you have remained unchanged. Amen.

Prayer Points

In this example, we see several prayer points:

  • Adoration of the beautiful nature of God.
  • Testifying the greatness of God and the great things he has done.
  • Reflections on how God helped me.
  • Thanksgiving to God for watching over me, etc.

As you can see from the prayer example above, praise and worship are closely linked. Therefore, moving from worship to praise in prayer is very appropriate. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, and He will show you what prayer is essential to you at the moment.

Why do I need to worship and praise?

The following are some reasons why we must all say the prayer of praise and worship as regularly as possible.

  • It’s the only kind of prayer that expresses the worth of God.
  • The Bible says we were created to worship God.
  • It is the gateway to God’s presence.
  • This prayer strengthens our faith and trust in God.
  • It’s the means through which we minister to God.
  • It is the preoccupation of heaven.

The psalmist tells us to make the prayer of praise and worship continually: “I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” (Psalms 34:1)

So this is not the kind of prayer you make once and forget about; it is the kind of prayer you want to make a lifestyle. It may be a little unusual at first, but after a while, it will become habitual for you to praise and glorify the Lord without ceasing in your heart. It will become your inner state. That is my wish for you.


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