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PRAYER TO GOD FOR HEALING Based on Faith. God Wants to Heal You

God wants to heal you. Yes, God wants to, but do we want to? Some insights on praying, believing, trusting, and surrendering to God. You must learn this if you wish for God to heal and bless you abundantly. Also, your prayer to God for healing is based on faith and trust.

Understand the Prayer to God for Healing

What is most important in asking God for the grace of healing? Many people think it is essential to say the words of prayer beautifully. Others feel the need to repeat impressive Bible verses in an attempt to convince themselves. Finally, some people do not know how to pray in case of illness. So, find out what your position should be.

Specific examples of prayer:

Believe in the Healing Love of God

God’s desire to help and heal people is clearly illustrated by the two healing stories we find in Matthew 8.

After descending the mountain, a leper meets Jesus and addresses Jesus, “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.”

Jesus replies, “I am willing. Be clean! “

A Roman officer meets Jesus the next day and asks his servant to heal. Seeing the faith of that officer, Jesus responds with love, and healing occurs. (Matthew 8: 1-13)

God wants to heal you
Bible verse about healing

After descending the mountain where Jesus and the disciples had an extraordinary experience of God’s intimacy, first of all, Jesus does, he heals the leprous and mortally ill servant of the Roman officer. Jesus does so deliberately.

Jesus Wants to Change Lives

He is not just a preacher; he truly has the power to change people’s lives. He heals scars, cleanses, and returns lost lives.

Matthew 9:35, we read, “Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness.”

Namely, God wants (wishes) good for us! Therefore, he sent the Son to save us! This is the message to anyone suffering spiritually or physically – God wants to heal you.

God wants to heal you

In your prayer to God for healing, this aspect is crucial.

Doubt Has No Power

However, in our spiritual life, usually comes the moment when we doubt, when we are troubled by the insecurity of tomorrow. The current worries and problems seem to be greater than God’s promises.

What worries us the most is the fear of losing something or vice versa – doubts about whether God will help solve problems and difficulties.

Sometimes it is lost in a job situation where we have to pay loans, and a threatening future lies ahead. What to do? And then we get our hands down, are depressed, don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, stay in bed and stare at the TV or drink alcohol – to escape the harsh reality.

Many people suffer severely from different illnesses. Others are anxious about their loved ones, whose lives are in danger. Health problems are the most worrying and depressing. They want to cry out to God and get Him to act in such moments.

Do not fear doubts that attack your heart from time to time. Doubt has no power if you do not give them power.

Faith is More Powerful than Doubt

The events are written at the beginning of Matthew 8 about the leper man and the officer expressing one exciting thing that unites them in one thought. The leper man has overcome the shyness and pressure of the crowd and has come to the preacher and Jesus of Nazareth, but he is not crying out to Him, but saying, “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.”

It’s like a testimony of faith – you can cleanse me if you want! This is the essence and expression of the prayer to God for healing.

Secondly, it is such a trusting position before God’s anointed man – I put my health in your hands; if you want, you can cleanse me.

“To make me clean” means to make healthy, to return to a society of healthy people, because lepers were expelled from society as unclean (they were not allowed to approach people closer than seven steps).

The Roman officer (in other Gospels, the officer is called the centurion, the officer over 100 soldiers, which meant a vital position) comes to the field preacher Jesus of Nazareth to pray not for himself or his family but for his servant.

But what Jesus marked as very special about this man was his trusting faith. The officer considered that he was not worthy that Jesus, the righteous Jewish man, was coming to the Gentile house but that Jesus could heal his servant from a distance: “Just say the word, and my servant will be healed.”

Prayer to God for Healing is Based on Faith

Likewise, faith in your heart must break out in believing God loves you and wants to heal you.

The leper very well understood this. This man with a deadly disease decided to put his whole future, the whole question of health, in God’s hands. The work of doctors is vital; it determines a lot. But the ultimate and decisive factor is God.

The Roman soldier also realized that God sent Jesus. He had no hope that his beloved servant could recover. Therefore, he saw the last opportunity by the grace of God. Jesus was a visible sign of the Grace of God.

Yes, materialists would say it was an illogical move that there is no God, that there is a need to believe more in science and medicine than in God. But both of these men succumbed to “illogical faith.” If they surrendered to the logic of this world, death would have visited them the same day.

But they believed that God wanted to heal. So they allowed faith to move forward. And a miracle happened.

When you pray, do you believe that God wants to heal you? Does your prayer to God for healing stand on the foundation of faith?

God Wants to Heal You if You Want To!

The common feature of both events is the trusting conviction of both men, the belief that Jesus of Nazareth has the strength, authority, and goodwill to solve their problems. I can’t do it, but you can do it if YOU want to…

This passage of Scripture addresses us even more profoundly than we first thought because it is not a simple matter here that we lack confidence.

Jesus is healing both people with an apparent gesture to everyone around us, showing what His attitude is toward us – very different from what we have come to think of God. Jesus is open, willing to help, able to love each of us, and ready to give that love abundantly at any time.

Do we want to accept His offer? Do we get God’s favor with joy? Are our hearts open to the Grace of God? If not, why? Where is the problem? The biggest problem is our selfishness and unwillingness to ask for help. It is challenging to discover our weaknesses and show our need for God.

Why do we Lack Trust in God?

Many of us would also like to be as safe as this leper man or as confident in faith as this Roman officer. But where is the fault that we can’t, why don’t we?

The problem is often in what we think of God and His work among us.

  1. The first reason is that we don’t know Him so well – we don’t know what He thinks of us. So we have a shallow and relatively theoretical relationship with God. And that is why we doubt His interest and strength.
  2. The second reason is our notion that God is an Old Testament God who blesses only those who are holy and righteous but pushes aside all other ordinary people.
  3. The third reason for our unbelief is our own experience that we have asked Him, but He did not answer us as we had hoped and did not give us what we asked for.

In today’s age, many people feel that God is acting too slowly because we have come to get everything here and now.

But with God, it is not like an online store where we can order what we need, and it will be delivered immediately. We understand that this is stupid, but we do it anyway – God, please sooner! However, he is in control, and it even seems that the more we hurry him, the more he waits. For upbringing, purposes to foster our spirit of patience and meekness.

God never leaves us but comes when it is just in time, not to be late. God also sees our motives for why we ask for something and what happens if we get what we ask for.

Often our doubts are how this leprous man — the prohibitions and the crowds that prevent him from approaching the Savior — must breakthrough, overcome currents, and overcome various obstacles to face opportunities.

What Can Help us Overcome our Doubts and Fears?

  • First, we can learn from these two men how they did – they went to Jesus. They overcame their doubts and the pressure of the crowd and met Jesus. This means they prayed to Jesus and put their pain in His hands.
  • Second, we can draw inspiration from Jesus’ response – it is not dismissive or repulsive. Although He could quickly get rid of both, one was a leper who could not approach the people, and the other was a Gentile who had no place in the company of the believing Jews.

But Jesus did not shy away from these complex cases but was willing to share in their problems — He broke the 7-step distance, bridged the distance between the sick servant, and healed.

Maybe you also have a question today: “God, do you really want and can you heal me too? Can you solve my problem? Is my disease curable at all? Can I solve my problems? Have I not done enough, or are my sins forgivable? Can you accept me, God?”

Today Jesus wants to encourage and please us; we see in His words and actions, which are full of unspeakable love and mercy: “And he put forth his hand, and touched him, saying, I will; be thou made clean.” Jesus heals the leper who came to Him and said, “If you want, you can cleanse me.” God says, “I forgive all your sins and heal all your sins.”

God Wants to Heal Everyone who Comes to Him

God heals everyone who comes to Him and expresses his need for Him. So, also, God wants to heal you!

God does not look at your appearance. He does not look at your parameters and dimensions; Jesus does not look at your social status. Jesus does not even look at the number of your sins or what kind of disgust you are in your character.

The Father accepts me as I am, and the Father accepts you as you are. In love with you, no matter what your sins and how you look, He offends you and says, I love you. If you know that Jesus loves you, it will be easy to accept His love and whatever He does to you.

According to their trusting faith, these people were treated as they had believed. Therefore, let us encourage ourselves to come unto Him and pray. It is not that I am a leper or a stranger who is not worthy of being in the company of saints; all kinds of people can go to Jesus Christ.

We need to knock and look for His answer and response to our prayers. He will answer and allow us to understand what He is doing and what is happening.

Have the Desire to Know God

God praises this officer for his faith!

Some may say: But I don’t have that kind of faith. What can I do?

Faith multiplies by reading God’s word. Also, by seeing and experiencing God’s works!

Namely, when we want to be close to God, God reveals!

For example, when people seek God and hear the gospel preached for the first time, either attend faith-building courses or come to a Christian camp, they say they have experienced a special closeness to God in these camps.

Someone can say: what can be so special there? An ordinary camp, usually the people who operate and serve in it.

But how difficult it is to set up these camps because there is always a lack of participants. If these skeptics and speakers were offered the opportunity to participate in such a camp, they would hardly come and participate. If a person does not want and does not seek the presence of God, then he will most likely not experience it.

So we return to the same thought – God wants to heal you. But the main question is, do you want God to heal you? Do you want to know God? If your answer is Yes, it must reflect in your prayer to God for healing. Only then will prayer bear fruit.

Today, we should also pay attention to the awe and respect with which the officer treated Jesus as an authority. Jesus wanted to go to the officer’s house to heal the servant, but the officer said He did not have to go because one word that Jesus would say would suffice! What trust in authority! I think that is another thing we should consider: trust in the authorities, trust in them!

Testify of God’s Love

Finally, we are called to bear witness when we have touched God. Jesus said not to tell anyone what He had done to the leper but to bear witness to the priest.

We don’t have to advertise that the miracle of healing is my merit, that my prayer to God for healing is extraordinary, and that I am a prayer guru and like stupid things. It is essential to thank God for the grace given. And to make it clear that this miracle is a gift from God and a glory to Him alone for healing.

So it will be for other believers to testify! This will encourage others to trust the Lord more.

Your prayer to God for healing must prompt you to bear witness to God’s healing grace.

Let Prayer to God for Healing be Fruitful

May God give that we want to seek His presence, to experience His wondrous works! Let God bless that we perceive Him and the people He sends as authorities in our lives as a blessing to us! May God bless that we have experienced His grace, we bring Him gratitude for the testimony of the church and for the general public to practice it in their daily lives. God wants to heal you. He can and wants to bless us abundantly, but that is only possible if we want to. Amen.



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