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Jesus has Chosen You out of Many. Daily Devotional 28th day of Lent

Jesus has Chosen You out of Many Devotional

Jesus has chosen you out of many. Daily Devotional 28th day of Lent. You are invisible, disappearing into the crowd. But Jesus calls you personally and asks, “Do you want to get well?” Do I want to stay the way I am because I am afraid of change? Do I want to remain a grey, unnoticed person?

Lent Daily Devotional

Jesus said to him, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.” At once, the man was cured; he picked up his mat and walked. (full text at John 5:1-16)

Jesus has Chosen You out of Many

What message did the Apostle John want to convey by recording this miracle of Jesus? It seems that John wanted to emphasize that Jesus has chosen one person out of many and is giving him an individual solution to his problem. Why?

False Expectations do not see God

The sick who occupied the pool did not want Jesus’ help as far as physical healing was concerned. They flocked to the pool, convinced that when the river’s calm waters were stirred up and flowing in a stream, the first ones to step into it would be healed.

Poor people, who had no money for a doctor, began to believe in superstition. They desperately tried to convince themselves that the pool already had a miraculous power to heal people. They didn’t even realize that their salvation was in Jesus and not in false expectations.

Jesus sees You in the Crowds

Of course, Jesus wouldn’t have even gone there if it hadn’t been for this one man. Jesus healed countless people everywhere he went. But in this case, He came to the pool for just one man. He healed just one man who was desperate for a miracle.

That is why Jesus approaches this sick man personally. Jesus asks him directly, “Do you want to get well?” Instead of just saying “yes,” he tells Jesus how he hopes to be healed by getting into the pool’s water.

But Jesus had a unique solution to his problem. He tells the sick man, “Take your mattress and go home.”

Be open to the Lord’s Solutions

It is often the case that we create our vision of how God should help us. But this Gospel emphasizes that God chooses you out of many and has a unique solution for you.

Lent is a time to learn to discuss the issues and problems that trouble us with the Lord. We need to be more open to His solutions, which are often simple and unexpected but effective.

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God’s ways are more sacrificial than our earthly ways. God’s wisdom is higher than our wisdom.

Knowing that God cares about and knows you personally is beautiful.

Prayer for Today

My Lord Jesus, thank You for Your love. Out of billions of people, You come to me. You know me. You know my name. You offer the best solution for my life and say very simply: Get up. Take your life and go.

Thank you for your spiritual healing. Thank You for Your grace and compassion. Thank You for giving me Your blessings now so I can enjoy life and praise You. You are the Lord. Amen.

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