Friday, June 2, 2023
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Daily prayers

Regular daily prayer is very important to our life and relationship with God. By daily prayer we are demonstrating our love and commitment to God. In daily prayer we spend time with God by talking to Him. Take time to daily prayers each day and you will see the difference. Here you can read why daily prayer is important for every Christian life and find prayers for different day moments.

Easter Blessing Prayer

Easter Prayer – Receive blessings on Resurrection Sunday

The Easter prayer is full of blessings, gratitude, and thanksgiving. Because Easter is the most critical time of the year for Christians worldwide. We remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the victory...
Tuesday Morning Prayer images at the Workplace Meeting Night

Tuesday Prayer with Images for Morning, Work, Meeting, Night

It is a great joy to start Tuesday with you. Tuesday morning prayer, prayer before work, prayer at a work meeting, prayer on the way home after work, Tuesday night prayer, may it accompany...
Morning Prayer for Family Protection Blessing and Wisdom

Morning Prayer for Family Protection, Blessing, and Wisdom

Of course, we often pray for our family. However, morning prayer for family protection, blessing, and wisdom is unique and special. We start a new day and do not know what lies ahead. Therefore,...
New Year Blessings Prayer

New Year Blessings Prayer – God bless you in the New Year

New Year blessings prayer - God bless you in the New Year. As we enter a new year, it's important to remember that God loves us and wants us to prosper. He blesses us...
fourth week of Advent prayer points

Fourth Week of Advent Prayer Points – O Come, Emmanuel

The last days of Advent. The prayer points for the fourth week of Advent are designed to prepare us directly for Christmas, which is not just another world holiday, but the birthday of Jesus....
Third Week of Advent Prayer Points Prepare the Way for the Lord

Third Week of Advent Prayer Points – Prepare the Way for the Lord

Third week of Advent prayer points. During Advent, we are invited to follow the call of the prophet Isaiah to prepare the way to the Lord (Isaiah 40:3). In the second half of Advent,...
second week of Advent Prayer Points a call to repent

The second week of Advent Prayer Points – a call to repent

The second week of Advent prayer points us to the Bible verses that speak through the lips of John the Baptist that now is the time for conversion. The second week of Advent calls us...
Monday prayer for morning night workplace meeting

Monday Prayer for Morning, Night, Workplace, and Meeting

Monday is a beautiful day. Oh yes, believe me! God gave this day to you as a gift. So smile and start with a Monday prayer that will motivate you. Inspiration Monday prayer images...
Advent Prayer Points First Week Waiting for Christ's coming

Advent Prayer Points – First Week, Waiting for Christ’s coming

Advent prayer points for the first week. The first part of Advent is dedicated to the second coming of Christ. This will be the joyful and glorious coming of Jesus Christ to earth. Jesus...
Prayer for the Ascension of Jesus


Prayer for the Ascension of Jesus Of course, the word of a scientist is more valid in our world today than the word of a theologian. And if you want to talk about Ascension...