Prayers for Healing for a Friend

Prayers for healing for a friend

Remember the first chapters of the Bible: “God said it is not good for man to be alone.” The real truth. That is why family and friends are an essential part of our lives. When friends experience hardship, suffering, or illness, we also are hurt. We suffer along with our loved ones and wish them healing and regaining strength as soon as possible. Prayer is one of the essential elements of healing. After all, God is our loving Father, generously giving his grace to those who ask. That is why we, as true friends, pray for our loved ones. When our friend is sick, we speak prayers for healing for a friend.

Here we present the best prayers that are dictated by a loving heart. Discover what works best for you and pray patiently. God hears our prayers. He will definitely answer!

Prayer for a sick friend
Prayer for a sick friend

1. We Pray to Jesus Asking for Health

Lord Jesus, my Savior, and my Comforter. You fully understand the inner pain of a person whose close friend is sick and suffering. While living on earth, you have experienced the loss of your friend Lazarus. Your heart was broken, and you wept with the sisters of Lazarus. But this situation has shown that you can do a miracle and change the situation radically. You raised Lazarus from the dead.

Therefore, I turn to you with great faith and trust and ask you to give the grace of healing to my friend, change his difficult condition into a good one, and do a miracle. Heal all evil in his body and soul. I ask You, Jesus, who lives and reigns forever. Amen.

Short healing prayer for a friend
Short prayers for healing for a friend

2. Prayer for Healing for a Friend

Loving Heavenly Father, your Son Jesus Christ has revealed a truth important to our lives: ask Heavenly Father, and you will be given. Discovery will be given to those who seek. The necessary doors will be opened to those who knock on God’s heart in prayer.

Therefore, based on the words of Jesus, I pray and knock, asking for health for my friend. He is seriously ill, and only you, Heavenly Father, can help him.

Touch his sick body, which has already lost its strength. Touch his soul, which has already lost hope. Your touch does wonders. I ask this with faith and in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Healing prayer for a friend
Healing prayer for a friend

3. Healing Prayers for a Loved Friend

Oh God of hope, I come to you at this difficult time with confidence. I ask for the grace of healing for my friend. You are a healing force, so I entrust one that is very important to my heart.

My God, you are glorious in your miraculous works, so don’t turn your face away. And you are living water, so I, in my prayer, bring my sick friend to you as a source of living water, that you may give him to drink your grace, and that your divine love will heal him.

Also, bless the doctors’ work so they can help their patients successfully with your help. Finally, Lord, hear my prayers for healing for a friend. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayer of God’s Mercy to My Friend
Prayer of God’s Mercy

4. A Prayer of God’s Mercy to My Friend

Jesus Christ, you are the face of the mercy of God the Father. My friend needs your healing and merciful touch. I pray, relieve his pain, and give strength when it seems impossible to endure. Hear his cry and always be by his side.

For your mercy, turn your gracious face to my friend. Your faithful love helps us to move victoriously through the most significant difficulties and pain.

Let at this challenging moment, my friend feels your presence. May his trust in you, Jesus, grow. Let him feel the mercy of your Lord and become strong in hope. To you, Jesus, glory forever! Amen.

Prayer for Compassion for a Friend

5. Prayer for Compassion for a Friend

Lord Jesus Christ, our compassionate Savior.

You were merciful to thousands of sick people when they came to ask for help and wanted to touch your cloak. You welcomed them and looked at them with divine love and compassion.

Today in prayer, I bring my sick friend to you. Please, show him mercy. Forgive his sins, heal his body, and strengthen his soul. Jesus, you are the Lord of mercy!

Therefore, I confidently turn to you and call for your help. Hear my prayer and listen to my request. Amen.

Good Health for a Friend Prayer
Health for a Friend Prayer

6. Good Health for a Friend Prayer

Almighty God, you are the ruler of the whole world and the heavenly Father of all people. Everyone finds prosperity and peace of mind in you. You strengthen the soul and the body of everyone who turns to you.

Today I pray for my friend for his deteriorating health. In prayer, I give my friend and his physical disability into your hands, God, and ask that you heal his weak body. You are omnipotent. And I know you can give him strength and healing grace.

Please hear my prayers for healing for a friend, good Father, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for Peace of Mind
Prayer for peace of mind

7. Prayer for Peace of Mind

Lord Jesus, son of the Living God, you know that a man is fragile and unstable. One day he says he is firm as a rock. But the next day, the winds of life scatter him like a swinging reed. But you lovingly embrace this weak man to your heart. Knowing this, I am addressing you today with a prayer of trust, Lord, and asking for peace of mind for my friend. He is in great spiritual suffering. His soul is tormented by sorrow. But he is in such a state that he does not want to leave this prison of suffering. He does not wish to accept the help that his relatives offer him. Therefore, Jesus, I am asking for your help because you are the doctor of the soul. Touch my friend. Heal his condition. Jesus, you live and reign forever. Amen.

Prayer of Recovery
Prayer of Recovery

8. Prayer of Recovery

Heavenly Father, we are your children, and you are constantly safe and cared for. Therefore, I ask for your help and blessings for my friend, who is gradually regaining strength after illness. With your help, God, he endured sickness. But it is still fragile. Therefore, strengthen his body and give him health to make the recovery process successful. And that he could return to everyday life again.

Also, bless the work of doctors and medical staff so they can do their job with love and from the heart.

Thank you for this opportunity to entrust my dear people to your care. You are the best guardian. Father, through Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit, thank you in advance. Amen.

Prayer of Thanks for the Healing of a Friend
Prayer of Thanks for the Healing

9. A Prayer of Thanks for the Healing of a Friend

I praise you, my Lord and God. Faith in you and trust in your love always bring victory. I appealed to you and asked for the healing grace of my friend. It happened. My prayers for healing for a friend were heard. Your healing power has brought my friend back to a whole life. He recovered. Therefore, today I thank you wholeheartedly. Thank you for your love with whom you hear our prayer requests. And thank you for your donated hope, which does not allow me to stop and invites me to fight to the end, to victory. God, thank you for your powerful action that restores the health of the sick and the strength of their loved ones. This healing is an obvious sign that you love us. Thank you, Heavenly Father. Amen.

Prayer to protect against disease
Prayer to protect

10. Prayer to protect against disease

Almighty God, you care about everyone. In the Bible, we find words that not a single hair falls from a person’s head without your knowledge.

Today I pray for my friends and ask you to protect my loved ones from all diseases.

Give them that grace so that they may enjoy good health of the body and peace of mind. Then, when they are healthy and happy, they may worship you with gratitude and thank you.

Bless them and give them your protection. Honor and glory to thee forever and ever. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayers for Healing for a Friend – The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift you can give to your friends is a prayer. Do you have a friend who is sick? Today is the day to provide him with what is most valuable — his prayer, asking a friend for health, strength, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. (Ephesians 6:18)

When Jesus lived here on earth, among the people, he did good and healed all afflicted with the disease. (Acts 10:38.)

Prayer for Healing miracle

Prayer arises from our love. Take the apostle Paul as an example. Before becoming a Christian, he was a Pharisee and was well acquainted with God’s commandments. But until he accepted Jesus into his life and began to live the gospel, he did not realize that the fulfillment and essence of God’s commandments lay a sacrificial love for other people.

It is the love that Jesus loved us when he gave his life on the cross. Realizing this truth and living it, the apostle Paul wrote the following words to all Christians: “Bear one another’s burdens.” (Galatians 6:2).

We usually try to help with real work. But there are not always opportunities for that. Therefore, one way to help others carry a heavy burden is through intercession prayer for those people. By doing so, we express our position that we are not indifferent; we care about their fate, suffering, and loss.

Also, our prayer for other people gives glory to God. Everything we do according to God’s principles, such as selflessly caring for others, helping the weary, comforting the suffering, and glorifying God in all this, because we are created in His image. And when we show love to other people, we imitate God, our Creator. Prayer for healing for a friend, prayer for a sick friend.

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