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Petition prayer is one of the most common prayer forms in our lives. This is the kind of prayer that recognizes both our poverty and God’s great power and Grace. We make different  petitions to God asking for faith, help, healing, protection and many other things.

Here you will find answers to questions what petition prayer is and some great examples of petition prayers on different topics.

Doctor's prayer points

Doctor’s Prayer Points

Doctors have a very responsible task - our health and lives depend on them. Therefore, it is worth it for a doctor to entrust their service to God daily. This Doctor's prayer points can...
Prayer of Encouragement and Strength for a Friend or Myself

Prayer of Encouragement and Strength for a Friend or Myself

What is the role of prayer of encouragement and prayer for strength in these difficult times? We live in a world where hopes and aspirations are hard to fulfill. There is a lot of...
Prayer for hurricane protection

PRAYER FOR HURRICANE PROTECTION and People Safety during Season

Prayer for hurricane protection. A natural disaster like a hurricane brings nothing but destruction to the nation. This often results in homes damaged, power lost, people displaced, injured, or dead. Considering the aftermath of...
Prayer for Pentecost Sunday

PRAYER FOR PENTECOST SUNDAY. Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Prayer for Pentecost Sunday. Prayer to the Holy Spirit. On the fiftieth day after Easter - that is Pentecost - the Holy Spirit was poured out on the first Christians under the signs of...
Mother’s Day

MOTHER’S DAY Quotes and Short Prayer for Happy Mothers Day

Quotes and Short Prayer for happy Mother's Day. Mother's Day is a day when we celebrate mothers and motherhood. On that day, we all remember our mothers and realize that we never showed our...
prayer for education success

Prayer for Education Success – Academic Success in Exams

Prayer for education success, for academic success studying in school, in exams. Our studies are an essential part of life. Our future, our career, depends on their quality. Christians need to understand the fundamental...
confess our sins

CONFESS OUR SINS TO GOD An important part of the prayer

Confess our sins to God. Why this is an important component of prayer and faith? I think every believer understands that prayer is the most important element of our faith. And more should be...
valentine's day prayer


Each year on February 14 we peruse the store shelves for the perfect gift or card for a loved one. You’ve probably given and received some special valentines in your life as well. You’ve...
Prayer for sins

DIVINE MERCY PRAYER Lord, hear my prayer for sins, forgive me

Sometimes we have dark periods in our life when we feel lost. We feel we are sinners and can't dream of asking God for His mercy. But our God is merciful and loving, and...
covid-19 prayer

CORONAVIRUS PRAYER in Pandemic Situation

These words of comfort and strength are for those who find themselves in a difficult situation because of covid-19, coronavirus. These prayers are for those who are struck by fear for their health, for...