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Worship prayer  is turning to God and recognizing Him for who He really is. We worship God because we understand our weakness and fragility of our life and see the greatness of God.  We are created to worship and glory God, so worship prayer should become a part of our daily communication with God. Here you will find information on what worship is and different worship and praise prayers.

make a joyful noise unto the lord

Make a JOYFUL NOISE unto the LORD – Bible verse

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord. In Psalm 100, Solomon tells us Christians to shout with joy. Other translations say make a joyful noise or sing joyful praises, for example Bible...
WORSHIP MEANING in Spirit and Truth

WORSHIP MEANING in Spirit and Truth

Worship is God-centered. “Oh come, let us worship and bow down; Let us kneel before the LORD our Maker” (Psalms 95:6). Worship meaning is ascribing profound respect or reverence to God. It comes with...


Corporate worship is a time designated whether daily or weekly when Christians gathering to worship together as one body of Christ. By doing so, they are not only obeying God's commandment to assemble with...
Praise the Lord

PRAISE THE LORD Meaning, Purpose and Power

How often have you said, or have heard someone around you or in your congregation say, Praise the Lord? How many times have you asked yourself what is the meaning of  this phrase? We...
The Lord’s prayer Jesus taught us

THE LORD’S PRAYER – The Prayer Jesus Taught Us

Prayer is connecting link between humanity and divinity. In prayers, humanity draws grace, mercy and help from divinity. It is a profound depth of communion between God and man. Recognizing the efficacy of prayer,...
Praise and worship prayer

PRAISE AND WORSHIP – Most Important Prayer

Yes, praise and worship is the most important prayer. Prayer is communication with God. Prayer should never be a one-sided affair. It should not just be a place of endless supplication. As much as God...