PRAISE AND WORSHIP – Most Important Prayer

Praise and worship prayer

Yes, praise and worship is the most important prayer. Prayer is communication with God. Prayer should never be a one-sided affair. It should not just be a place of endless supplication.

As much as God enjoys meeting your needs as you present them to Him in prayer, he also enjoys it when his children approach him in worship and praise. This is when we approach God not because we have another set of needs but just because we want to praise him for his works or adore him for his attributes.

Praise and worship prayer

Father in Jesus name, I thank you for your loving kindness and your everlasting love. It is because of your great mercies that I am still alive. When I recall of the miry clay that you picked me from, I can’t help but praise you alone. What you have done in my life is wonderful and a testament of your great power. But even if you had done nothing, you still remain the omniscient God, the father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  So I praise you not because of what you have done but because of who you are. I chose to give you all my praise and worship for through generations, you have remained unchanged. Amen.

Praise and worship most important prayerThere are two facets that are worth noting in the prayer above. First is the attributes of God and secondly is the acts of God. The attributes refer to the adjectives that describe God while the acts of God refer to the things that he had done. Some attributes identified in the prayer include loving kindness, everlasting love, omniscient, etc. The acts of God include keeping me alive, showing great power, etc. Worship concentrates on the character of God while praise concentrates on the deeds of God. The prayer can be further broken down to the following prayer points:

  • Thanksgiving to God for watching over me
  • Reflection of where God has brought me from
  • Testifying of the greatness of God and the great things he has done
  • Adoration of the wonderful nature of God

Why you need to make this prayer

The following are some reasons why we must all say the prayer of praise and worship as regularly as possible.

  • It’s the only kind of prayer that expresses the worth of God
  • The Bible says we were created to worship God.
  • It is the gateway to God’s presence
  • It’s the means through which we minister to God
  • It is the preoccupation of heaven.

The psalmist tells us to make the prayer of praise and worship continually: “I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.” (Psalms 34:1)

So this is not the kind of prayer that you make once and forget about it – it is the kind of prayer that you want to make a lifestyle. It might should a bit strange as you begin but after a while, you will be accustomed to it.

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