Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Prayer for today

Prayer for today helps you to find praying inspiration for every day of the week. Originally written prayer for today consists of Bible verse, meditation text and inspirational prayer. This will enrich your daily prayer life, will help to keep fresh prayer attitude, don't let to fall into unconscious praying routine.  

See the face of God

DAILY PRAYER See the Face of God in all what you Do. February 19

Daily prayer for February 19. Anything we want to do today, the result of it depends on what we are seeing in it. When we see Jesus in what we do, we see prosperity,...
Daily prayer possible with god

DAILY PRAYER All Things are Possible with God. February 18

Daily prayer for February 18. We serve a mighty God, to whom nothing is impossible. We are joint-heir with Christ the son of God, so nothing can be impossible for us. So let's tell...
Daily prayer gifts from above

DAILY PRAYER Pure Gifts from Above. February 17

Daily prayer for February 17. The purest of all gifts are the gifts from above. God gives without adding sorrow and He is ever ready to endow us with gifts. Let's ask Him to...
Daily prayer God break past

DAILY PRAYER Break the Chain Holding you – Break Past. February 16

Daily prayer for February 16. Moving forward in life is easy for us as Christians as far as Christ is concerned. But when there is something holding us back, it will seem difficult to...
God guide me please

DAILY PRAYER Your Decision – God Guide Me Please. February 15

Daily prayer for February 15. Everyone on this planet will have to make decisions on daily basis. We make decisions either quickly without thinking or after consulting people and thinking deep. Decisions we make...
Jesus in you Prayer for Today

DAILY PRAYER You are Valuable – Jesus in you. February 14

Daily prayer for February 14. We are precious in the sight of God, we are made beautifully and wonderfully. We should not look down on ourselves and bear in our mind that God created...
Daily prayer Lord be with me

DAILY PRAYER Do not be Afraid – Lord be with Me. February 13

Daily prayer for February 13. We are in a world that there are things that we are afraid of. We are of things we want to do or things we have done. Let's tell...
Daily prayer alive faith

DAILY PRAYER The Living Faith – Alive Faith. February 12

Daily prayer for February 12. We must let our faith be alive all the time because that is what pleases God. Let's tell God to make our faith alive in Christ. Bible Verse for Today "I...
Daily prayer power of Jesus Christ

DAILY PRAYER The Next Level – Power of Jesus Christ. February 11

Daily prayer for February 11. Let us always be ready to go to the next level of our lives and we will be able to do it by the power of Jesus Christ. There...
Daily prayer salt of the world bible

SALT OF THE WORLD Bible verse repeats the words of Jesus

Daily prayer for February 10 - Salt of the world Bible verse repeats the words of Jesus. We are made the salt of the world to take away bitterness in this world and bring in...