Sunday, December 15, 2019
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Prayer for today

Prayer for today helps you to find praying inspiration for every day of the week. Originally written prayer for today consists of Bible verse, meditation text and inspirational prayer. This will enrich your daily prayer life, will help to keep fresh prayer attitude, don’t let to fall into unconscious praying routine.


God keeps his promises

Advent. GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES Prayer for December 15

Advent. God keeps His promises - Prayer for December 15. God is fond of one thing and that is making a promise. The good thing is that God does not make empty...
jesus is alive

Advent. JESUS IS ALIVE Prayer for December 14

Advent. Jesus is alive - Prayer for December 14. It is wonderful news to every one of us that Jesus is alive and he is not dead. He overcame death and we...
the coming of Christ

Advent. THE COMING OF CHRIST Prayer for December 13

Advent. The coming of Christ - Prayer for December 13. When Christ comes, we become victorious because we have power over death and hell. We will reign with him forever.
don't grow weary in doing good

DON’T GROW WEARY IN DOING GOOD Prayer for December 12

Advent. Don't grow weary in doing good - Prayer for December 12. All we should care for is consistency. If we are doing good now, we should continue and never stop because...
being a child of God

Advent. BEING A CHILD OF GOD Prayer for December 11

Advent Being a child of God - Prayer for December 11. Everything that has a start must surely have an end in this world. There was a time when we were given...
Jesus will come again to judge


Advent. Jesus will come again to judge - Prayer for December 10. Advent is time of waiting and preparing our hearts for second coming of Jesus. Jesus promised to come back...
the glory of the Lord

Advent. THE GLORY OF THE LORD Prayer for December 9

Advent. The glory of the Lord - Prayer for December 9. When the glory of God shines on us, everything about us will change. We will experience a great transformation. Let’s tell...
Jesus is the light

Advent. JESUS IS THE LIGHT Prayer for December 8

Jesus is the light - Prayer for December 8. Jesus also gave us light in this world. The world was filled with evil and darkness has taken over the minds of men....
Jesus gave us life

Advent. JESUS GAVE US LIFE Prayer for December 7

Advent. Jesus gave us life - Prayer for December 7. One of the things Jesus came to do on earth is to give life to every soul that is willing to accept...
jesus showed us God's love

Advent. JESUS SHOWED US GOD’S LOVE Prayer for December 6

Advent. Jesus showed us God's love - Prayer for December 6. One o the questions we ask in Advent period is what did Jesus do when he came to the world? What...