Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Prayer for today

Prayer for today helps you to find praying inspiration for every day of the week. Originally written prayer for today consists of Bible verse, meditation text and inspirational prayer. This will enrich your daily prayer life, will help to keep fresh prayer attitude, don’t let to fall into unconscious praying routine.


overcoming temptation through prayer


Overcoming temptation through prayer – Prayer for October 20. Being exposed to temptations was and is still a serious problem at the beginning of human history. Whether you like it or not, we all...
God is our salvation

GOD IS OUR SALVATION Prayer for October 19

God is our salvation - Prayer for October 19. You can not fulfill your intended purpose of God if you let fear overwhelm you. Fear is a close relative of anxiety, and if you...
keep god's word in your heart

KEEP GOD’S WORD IN YOUR HEART Prayer for October 18

Keep God's Word in your Heart - Prayer for October 18. Sometimes the devil attacks us because we listen and keep the Word of God. Mark 4:17 tells of people who hear the word...
power of god's presence

POWER OF GOD’S PRESENCE Prayer for October 17

Power of God's presence - Prayer for October 17. We live in a world where bad things happen. We often feel that so much is out of our control. In such days and situations...
renew your mind in Christ

RENEW YOUR MIND IN CHRIST Prayer for October 16

Renew your mind in Christ – Prayer for October 16. Sometimes we are unhappy for years because when we woke up, we had negative, sad and depressing thoughts. Meanwhile, we can say that we...
god answers prayers

GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS Prayer for October 15

God answers prayers - Prayer for October 15. Do you pray for a certain thing in your life and wait for a change? Wondering why God has not yet answered your prayer? Do you...
being honest with God

BEING HONEST WITH GOD Prayer for October 14

Being honest with God - Prayer for October 14. We can think so much about what others think of us, that it totally paralyzes us. We are always afraid to give the wrong impression....
trusting god's plan

TRUSTING GOD’S PLAN Prayer for today, October 13

Trusting God's plan - Prayer for today, October 13. God gives us hope and dreams for our lives. But He does not always give us insight into His exact plan and schedule. While this...
follow God's direction

FOLLOW GOD’S DIRECTION Prayer for October 12

Follow God's direction - Prayer for October 12. There are signs along the road of life. To stay under God's protection, you must follow the signs that tell you to trust God and not...
live in harmony with God

LIVE IN HARMONY WITH GOD Prayer for October 11

Live in harmony with God - Prayer for October 11. Bible in Romans 14:17 defines the Kingdom of God as a life of justice and peace and the joy of the Holy Spirit. Although...