Saturday, February 4, 2023

Daily devotional

Daily Devotional prayer for todayWe bring you an amazing section on Daily Devotional. Free Devotional for Today and Prayer for Today is presented here. For each day, a Bible verse is selected and presented in meditation, a reflection on God’s Word for our daily lives. Whether it is Monday or Sunday, biblical prayer accompanies us from the morning. And so throughout the week, Prayer for Today serves us by strengthening our faith, awakening hope, giving courage.

Some verses of Scripture provide inspiration for conversion, a desire to ask for forgiveness of sins, to pray for God’s grace, forgiveness, and blessing. We understand that life is stressful, it takes a lot to achieve goals, to accomplish many tasks. Therefore, there is no time for prayer. But we rush to your aid. Stop for a minute. Turn to our daily devotional and pray. Believe me, God’s help and blessing are more important than anything in a simple workday. Daily morning prayer is the best way to do this.
Do you start the day with prayer? That’s right. Daily piety bears very positive fruit.

  • First, daily devotional gives more love. For you do all things for the glory of God and for the salvation of men.
  • Second, devotional for today provides peace of mind in stressful situations and when you are very busy. It helps not to give in to anger.
  • Third, daily prayer helps keep the mind cold and not panic.
  • Fourth, prayer for today provides Guidance. God leads you. This is very important in making decisions in life and business.
Jesus Christ is the Foundation Devotional

Jesus Christ is the Foundation. Devotional for Today, January 25

Jesus Christ is the foundation. This is the Apostle Paul's main point in today's daily devotional on January 25. Jesus is the foundation of your personal life. He is also the foundation of the...
God gives growth to the Church Devotional

God gives growth to the Church. Devotional for Today, January 24

God gives growth to the Church. Imagine a three-acre plot of land on which you want to start an agricultural business. But the field is entirely unprepared. The soil is marshy, and the uneven...
Don't be ignorant devotional prayer for today January 23

DON’T BE IGNORANT Prayer for January 23

Don't be ignorant - Devotional prayer for January 23. Ignorance is not a good thing; it kills. Ignorance may sometimes mean a lack of information. But, as Christians, there are things we must have...
Lack of Goodwill is a Sign of Immaturity Devotional

Lack of Goodwill is a Sign of Immaturity, Devotional for Today January 22

Do you know that unpleasant feeling when you go to Church and feel that you are not growing there? People will talk about world peace, tolerance, and feeding the poor... But you won't hear...
The Holy Spirit Leads to the Truth Devotional

The Holy Spirit Leads to the Truth. Devotional for Today, January 21

Human nature is capable of fully knowing and understanding what is in man. But, unfortunately, we cannot fully understand God. Because of our limitations. But the Holy Spirit leads to the truth. Devotional for Today...
Faith is a Gift from God Devotional

Faith is a Gift from God. Devotional for Today, January 20

Faith is a gift from God. Why do I say this today at the January 20 daily devotional? Listen to me. Devotional for Today, January 20 And I, when I came to you, brothers, did not...
Do not Deceive Yourselves Devotional

Do not Deceive Yourselves – Devotional for Today, January 19

Today's January 19 daily devotional contains a Bible passage that touches each of us: Do not deceive yourselves. Devotional for Today, January 19 But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise;...
The Cross Provokes Devotional

The Cross Provokes – Devotional for Today, January 18

The cross provokes. I'm sure you've noticed that. The sign of the cross is not just foolishness for many modern people. For them, the cross is a provocation. As soon as they see it,...
Unity is a Gift from God Devotional

Unity is a Gift from God – Devotional for Today, January 17

Unity is a gift from God. I think many of you have experienced this in real life. When we have this gift from God, we are blessed. And when we are together, when we...
The Church is a Community of Faith Devotional

The Church is a Community of Faith – Devotional Today January 16

For today's daily meditation, "The Church is a community of faith," let's take the opening text of First Corinthians. It takes us to the beautiful seafront. Corinth, one of the port cities of Greece,...