Sunday, December 9, 2018
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Prayers are our direct and private communication with God. Prayers give us the great privilege of telling our concerns and desires to our Creator. Here you can read information about different prayer types and find great examples of different prayers.

thanksgiving dinner prayer


Thanksgiving Day 2018: Thanksgiving Dinner Prayer Examples. This year Thanksgiving Day 2018 will be celebrated on Thursday, November 22 in USA. Thanksgiving is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in American culture; and...
prayer to pass exam

PRAYER TO PASS EXAM Graduation prayers for high school

Prayer to pass exam. We are in this season where many will be making preparation for exam success and graduation. Prior to this, many will have spent days, weeks and months doing this. As...
prayers for strength

PRAYERS FOR STRENGTH in Difficult Situations

Prayers for Strength in Difficult Situations. Life can present many challenges which are often outside of our control. In fact, the burdens of life can cause paralysis, resulting in a person feeling bound and...
back to school prayer

BACK TO SCHOOL PRAYER for Teachers, Pupils and Parents

Now that the summer holiday is over, many children, parents and teachers are preparing to start a new school year. For some parents, it may mean that their child is starting a new school...
prayer for the homeless


A homeless person can be described as someone who does not have a permanent residence. It is where an individual may live on the streets, sleep in a car, stay in a shelter or...
Independence day prayer 2018


Praise the Lord everybody! In America, the land of Baseball, Hot dogs, Apple pie, And Chevrolet, one of the biggest holidays of the year is July 4th, Independence Day. The Day Americans celebrate getting...
Father's day 2018

FATHER’S DAY 2018 Quotes and Happy Father’s Day Prayer

"Father’s Day is a special day in which we celebrate the role of fathers and the contributions they make to the lives of their children. The definition of fathers is not restricted to a...
prayer for forgiving yourself

LETTING GO OF GUILT. A Prayer for Forgiving Yourself

These days people are finding it hard to forgive themselves for past mistakes. They long to turn back time and go back to who they used to be and knock some sense into themselves....
armed forces day 2018

ARMED FORCES DAY 2018 Prayers for Soldiers and their Families

Prayers for Soldiers and their Families. Armed Forces Day 2018 falls on 19th May and is a special day where those who have served, fought and even lost their lives for the freedom of...
Mother’s Day 2018

MOTHER’S DAY 2018 Quotes and Short Prayer for happy Mothers Day

Quotes and Short Prayer for happy Mothers Day 2018. Mother’s day is a day when we celebrate mothers and motherhood. On that day we all remember our mothers and realize that we never showed...