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Prayers are our direct and private communication with God. Prayers give us the great privilege of telling our concerns and desires to our Creator. Here you can read information about different prayer types and find great examples of different prayers.

prayer for education success

Prayer for Education Success – Academic Success in Exams

Prayer for education success, for academic success studying in school, in exams. Our studies are an essential part of life. Our future, our career, depends on their quality. Christians need to understand the fundamental...
confess our sins

CONFESS OUR SINS TO GOD An important part of the prayer

Confess our sins to God. Why this is an important component of prayer and faith? I think every believer understands that prayer is the most important element of our faith. And more should be...
valentine's day prayer


Each year on February 14, we peruse the store shelves for the perfect gift or card for a loved one. You've probably given and received some special valentines in your life. You've probably had...
praise and worship of God

WORSHIP OF GOD Learn what is Praise and Worship

Praise and worship of God. What is it? What is the difference between praise and worship? God wants us to turn to Him as the Father. In the prayer of "Our Father," Jesus says,...
Prayer for sins

DIVINE MERCY PRAYER Lord, hear my prayer for sins, forgive me

Sometimes we have dark periods in our life when we feel lost. We feel we are sinners and can't dream of asking God for His mercy. But our God is merciful and loving, and...
covid-19 prayer

CORONAVIRUS PRAYER in Pandemic Situation

These words of comfort and strength are for those who find themselves in a difficult situation because of covid-19, coronavirus. These prayers are for those who are struck by fear for their health, for...
Prayers for healing for a friend

Prayers for Healing for a Friend

Remember the first chapters of the Bible: "God said it is not good for man to be alone." The real truth. That is why family and friends are an essential part of our lives....
Prayer for direction

PRAYER FOR GUIDANCE, Direction, Clarity, and Wisdom

So often in our life, we are lost or at least not sure how to behave. Sometimes it is so trying to decide and choose the right way. You feel that you can’t rely...
christian prayer for father's day


Christian prayer for Father's day 2020. Today June 21, 2020, we celebrate Father's day in many Christian countries. Why this day is so important? And why does God, the Creator, value fatherhood so...
pray for mothers

MOTHER’S DAY Pray for Mothers

Maternity is a word that is not in the “top ten” of most popular ones. But you can't avoid it because we are surrounded by mothers everywhere. At home are our dear mothers, at...