Monday, September 26, 2022


Petition prayer is one of the most common prayer forms in our lives. This is the kind of prayer that recognizes both our poverty and God’s great power and Grace. We make different  petitions to God asking for faith, help, healing, protection and many other things.

Here you will find answers to questions what petition prayer is and some great examples of petition prayers on different topics.

teacher appreciation day 2018

TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY 2019 Pray for Our Teachers

You may not think so, but we are all teachers at some period in our lives. As parents and guardians, we have the responsibility to teach in our homes.  As Christians, we all have...
national day of prayer 2019


Usually the National Day of Prayer is held on the first Thursday of May each year. On this day people of all faiths join to unified public prayer for the nation. This day is...
Example of prayer Prayer for Mercy and Favour of God

EXAMPLE OF PRAYER: Prayer for Mercy and Favour of God

What is mercy and favour of God and how we can get it? Example of prayer - Prayer for Mercy and Favour of God. Word of God in Romans 9:15 says, “For He says to...
prayer for repentance and cleansing


When we hear the word repentance one thing comes to our mind and that is asking for forgiveness. Repentance is way more than that, it has to do with the entirety of a person....
god lives in us


God lives in us. God is everywhere and human being is inseparably body and soul. As the great philosopher St Thomas Aquinas wrote: “My soul is not me.” God is present in the soul,...
get closer to jesus

PRAYER TO GET CLOSER TO JESUS Friendship with Christ

Prayer to get closer to Jesus. On my dresser I keep two photos. One is of my deceased friend, Bob. Interestingly, the photo was taken while we were walking a beach on a windy...
prayer to pass exam

PRAYER TO PASS EXAM Graduation prayers for high school

Prayer to pass exam. We are in this season where many will be making preparation for exam success and graduation. Prior to this, many will have spent days, weeks and months doing this. As...
prayers for strength

PRAYERS FOR STRENGTH in Difficult Situations

Prayers for Strength in Difficult Situations. Life can present many challenges which are often outside of our control. In fact, the burdens of life can cause paralysis, resulting in a person feeling bound and...
back to school prayer

BACK TO SCHOOL PRAYER for Teachers, Pupils and Parents

Now that the summer holiday is over, many children, parents and teachers are preparing to start a new school year. For some parents, it may mean that their child is starting a new school...
prayer for the homeless


A homeless person can be described as someone who does not have a permanent residence. It is where an individual may live on the streets, sleep in a car, stay in a shelter or...