PRAYER FOR PENTECOST SUNDAY. Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Prayer for Pentecost Sunday

Prayer for Pentecost Sunday. Prayer to the Holy Spirit. On the fiftieth day after Easter – that is Pentecost – the Holy Spirit was poured out on the first Christians under the signs of storm and tongues of fire. The Apostles and other disciples, the faithful women, and Jesus’ mother Mary were gathered in the Upper Room when this event happened.

Peter and the rest of the apostles bravely and enthusiastically came before the crowd gathered outside the house. There were people from everywhere, from many different areas, because there was a lively exchange in the Roman Empire at the time, and Jerusalem in particular was a place that attracted many pilgrims. (Acts 2:1-12)

The wonderful thing happened: everyone heard and understood the Apostles in their own language. No translators were needed; the Holy Spirit brought about mutual understanding so that the message of Christ’s death and resurrection could be proclaimed and reached the hearts. Many were baptized that day, and so the Church began!

Meaning of the Pentecost

Jesus Christ himself sent the Apostles to be his witnesses all over the world. He had promised the help of the Holy Spirit for this task! Since the first Pentecost, the Holy Spirit has been powerful in the hearts of all who believe in Christ.

We too have been given the gifts of the Holy Spirit in baptism and confirmation.

We are spirit-filled people and should also live as such.

But what does that mean? How do we become aware of this in the right way? What effects can it have on us and others if we consciously give space to the Holy Spirit so that he can work in us and through us also with others?

Perhaps you should put up a sign here: “Caution!” Because if you get involved with the Holy Spirit, your life will be different. A new dynamic is emerging; The power of the Holy Spirit leaves nothing as it was before, but gives a new perspective and provides the inner impetus for the renewal of all life.

Do we want that? Or is it perhaps more pleasant and much more comfortable for us if everything ripples away as before and our lives take place in orderly and manageable ways?

What Does the Holy Spirit Gives Us?

May Jesus give us a renewed awareness of the presence of the Holy Spirit. We ask that we always follow the suggestions of the Holy Spirit. Because the Spirit of the Lord gives true freedom and gives joy.

In the Holy Spirit, we are strengthened for all good and can also prove ourselves in trials and adversities.

The Holy Spirit gives us an indestructible hope for eternal life in communion with God. We can share this hope with other people. So the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ grows everywhere: not through persuasion and manipulation, but through the splendor of holiness that the Holy Spirit conveys to us.

The Holy Spirit speaks to us especially in prayer and in reading and hearing the Word of God in Holy Scripture.

Prayer for Pentecost Sunday

God, send out your spirit, and the face of the earth becomes new! Grant us the fullness of the divine life in the Holy Spirit and complete us all in your eternal Kingdom. God, you are is with us and nothing can separate us from your love. The peace of God, which is higher than all reason, let us keep our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Amen.