christian prayer for father's day

Christian prayer for Father’s day 2020. Today June 21, 2020, we celebrate Father’s day in many Christian countries. Why this day is so important? And why does God, the Creator, value fatherhood so much? Because He introduces Himself as our heavenly Father (Isaiah 64.7; Matthew 6.9) and because He lives the values ​​of a Father in dealing with us, humans, in a perfect way (Psalm 27:10; 103.13; Matthew 7.9 -11). Paul writes in Ephesians 3: 14-15: “That is why I bend my knees in front of [God] the Father, who is the right father over everything that means children in heaven and on earth”.

If we are looking for a father’s model, we find it in our Creator, in God. We will never be as perfect as He is (Matthew 7: 9-11), but we can follow His behavior towards us as a benchmark for our behavior towards our children. That is the first important point.

The second is: If my father was not always a role model, maybe even the opposite, or if he was not present in my life, then I still have a Heavenly Father who lovingly cares for my life. Psalm 27:10: “My father and mother leave me, but the Lord receives me.” Matthew 7: 9-11: “Who of you would give a stone to your child if he asked for bread? Or a snake when it asks for fish? As bad as you are, you know what is good for your children and give it to them. How much more will your Heavenly Father give good to those who ask him for it. ”Because God behaves like a perfect father, we can address Him that way. According to the words of Paul in Romans 8:15, we can even say “Papi” to the Almighty Creator God, the Lord of the Universe. Isn’t that awesome?

Being a father (and of course a mother too) is a nice job, but also a big challenge. God knows about it.That is why He offers himself to be a father and in His love letter to us. The Bible also gives us motivation and guidance on how we can tackle and master this challenge. I wish all fathers God’s blessings on this Father’s day! Let’s say Christian prayer for Father’s day together.

Prayer Points for Father’s Day

Lord help me to use my opportunities and my time to help others who are in need. Help me achieve that:

  • who have relationship or identity problems
  • who are unemployed or retired
  • who suffer from poverty or hopelessness
  • who indulge in materialism
  • who have sexual problems
  • who are in prison
  • who are depressed
  • who are at risk of suicide

Lord, please bless all fathers and lead them to a deeper knowledge of God. Amen.

Christian Prayer for Father’s Day

I thank you, our merciful Lord and God for the wonderful gift of fatherhood. Always keep me close and loving to my children and please give me a patient and listening heart so that I can recognize their needs and see you in them.I thank you, Lord, for this wonderful prayer support that you give me by uniting with prayer groups around the world. Amen.

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