CORONAVIRUS PRAYER in Pandemic Situation

covid-19 prayer

These words of comfort and strength are for those who find themselves in a difficult situation because of covid-19, coronavirus. These prayers are for those who are struck by fear for their health, for the lives of their family members and loved ones. It is a call to all believers to join the community prayer. Let our coronavirus prayer unite us. Together we as one family will overcome all difficulties in these pandemic times. 

In this difficult period of life, please remember that love never fails. Remember that love never ends. In the darkest moments love gives us hope. Encouraged by love, we stand in prayer for our brothers and sisters. We can’t gather in the church buildings, but the Holy Spirit allows us to unite into one living church, even though we stay in our homes, in different cities, in different countries.

So right now, stop stressing and getting nervous, put all your worries aside, stop all your work for a few minutes, and give yourself to prayer for pandemic.

Coronavirus prayer points. Let us pray, brothers and sisters!

Coronavirus prayer pandemic

1. Prayer for Those Who are Isolated in Quarantine

Coronavirus prayer points
Coronavirus prayer points

Lord Jesus, you said, “I will not leave you alone.” Right now, there is a coronavirus situation where thousands of people are left alone. The unexpected danger of the disease, an unfamiliar virus, forced people to separate themselves from others and remain isolated from communion. The forces of evil are raging around.

Today we pray for all the people around the world who are experiencing exclusion and loneliness because of covid-19. Please Lord, strengthen them and help to overcome fear, anxiety, and isolation in quarantine. Open their minds so that they will understand that all those horrors will pass. Temporary difficulties will disappear and we will be able to enjoy life and the fellowship of loved ones again after overcoming all this coronavirus situation. Give each person hope that will not allow them to drop their hands and fall into despair. We ask you, Lord Jesus, to hear our prayer. Amen.

2. Personal Coronavirus Prayer

Prayer for covid
Prayer for covid

Heavenly Father, you are a God of hope and love. You know each of us personally, and urge everyone to come to you in all paths of life, in minutes of joy, and hours of pain.

Today I come to you, haunted by great fear and anxiety. An accident happened, I became infected with the covid-19 virus and got sick. There are so many things I don’t understand in life. But in this case, I know that your touch can save my life.

My Heavenly Father, first I ask you to heal my soul and forgive me my sins. They are a heavy burden and block me from coming to you. My sins weaken my faith. Therefore, please wash me off with your forgiveness. I want to stand before you with a pure heart.

And now I ask for a healing of my body. The medical staff strives to do everything that depends on them. But we all know that you are the ruler of life and death. It is up to you how much a person is given to live. Therefore, please, Lord, give me the grace of healing. I still want to live and give you honor with my life. I want to be, a witness of your miracles to the world.

Heavenly Father, have mercy on me for I am a weak man and listen to my coronavirus prayer. I ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

3. A Prayer for Healing Coronavirus Sick Family Member or Friend

covid prayer for family
Covid prayer for family

God, we find many wonderful healing stories in the Bible. I believe that even today you are doing miracles, healing the people who turn to you. You love people and want them to have good health and the joy of life.

Therefore, today, with confidence and hope, I pray to you and ask for [name of the person who needs healing] health. He is infected with the covid-19 virus and is now seriously ill. God, I know that such diseases can cause serious complications, and a person can even die. I am very worried about him, my dear person.

With all my heart I ask you Almighty God, touch him with your grace, give him strength, and lift all pains. I pray that this patient will be healed and come back full of hope and good health again to his home and his family.

Thank you in advance, Heavenly Father, for the love you show to the sick. I entrust him to your care, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

4. Prayer for Healthcare Workers in Pandemic Situation

covid prayer for healing
Covid prayer for healing

Lord Jesus, you are the light of the world. Enlighten, with your love and blessing the hearts of those who treat the sick with the coronavirus. Today we pray for doctors, nurses, researchers, and all medical professionals who without sparing their strength and health work with great dedication to saving people from the consequences of the coronavirus.

Jesus always stands by them, give strength. Let with your help, they will be attentive to people’s suffering, be patient, and will not succumb to negative emotions.

Jesus protects their health because they work in very dangerous conditions and risk being infected with the COVID-19 virus daily.

Let healthcare workers and people on the front lines of this disease always experience the gratitude and support of other people. Please bless them, Lord Jesus. Amen.

5. Prayer for Coronavirus to Stop Spreading

Prayer for pandemic stop spreading
Prayer for pandemic

Almighty God, you are the Creator and Ruler of the world. In your presence, we confess the sin of our pride. Out of his weakness, man sometimes succumbs to pride and the temptation of Satan. And the man himself wants to take the place of God. But life painfully brings us back to reality. 

Therefore, today, with humility, we turn to you, Almighty God, and please be merciful to us and save us from the pandemic. Stop the spread of this virus. Without your help, we will not deal with this situation.

Please also give government officials the wisdom not to succumb to panic around the world, but to make truly wise and right decisions after calmly and logically considering the possibilities.

Give all people strength and hope. With the help of your God, we will suffer this danger. Hear our prayers, we ask that in the name of Jesus. Amen.

How to Pray for Healing

When we read God’s Word written in the Bible, it becomes clear that God wants us to be healthy and enjoy life. Therefore, we can always come to our Heavenly Father. And in a conversation with him, we can ask him to heal us. Yes, we can boldly, and with hope, ask for the healing of both body and soul.

Wherever there is a disease, there is an opportunity to give respect and glory to God. When you are healed, it gives glory and thanksgiving to God.

Therefore do not keep silent, talk to God, tell him about your pain. Also, let God speak to you, give him a chance to touch your heart. Let God comfort you and give you strength.

Yes, the coronavirus prayer is how you can communicate with God. Pray all the prayers given in this article. Be sure to supplement them with your own words and your requests. The COVID-19 virus will be defeated, and each of us will be able to breathe calmly again.

When you sincerely open the door of your life to God, our Heavenly Father, believe me, miracles will begin to take place in your life.

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