Thursday, June 1, 2023

Special prayers

Sometimes we have a need for special prayers. Here you will find daily prayer examples, special prayers for family, also praise and worship songs.

Prayer for the Ascension of Jesus


Prayer for the Ascension of Jesus Of course, the word of a scientist is more valid in our world today than the word of a theologian. And if you want to talk about Ascension...
Short Good Morning Prayers example

5 Short Good Morning Prayers – Tips for Structure, Time, Duration

A new day begins. What better way to start it than with gratitude, love, and good cheer? Morning Prayer should become as natural as a cup of coffee. Here are five short Good Morning...
prayer to God for healing

PRAYER TO GOD FOR HEALING Based on Faith. God Wants to Heal You

God wants to heal you. Yes, God wants to, but do we want to? Some insights on praying, believing, trusting, and surrendering to God. You must learn this if you wish for God to...
in Jesus name we pray amen

IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY AMEN Meaning and Reasons

Believing Christians have the conviction that their prayers are always heard in the name of Jesus: "in Jesus name we pray Amen." There are a number of compelling reasons for their faith to be...
personal relationship with God


Thank God for this wonderful day that you has given us! Thank God for another opportunity to be filled with your love! It is a real joy that we are given the opportunity to...
Prayer to St Joseph

PRAYER TO ST JOSEPH asking for intercession and protection

Why prayer to St Joseph asking for intercession and protection? It is very important to understand why we turn to the saints and ask for their intercession. They are our brothers and sisters who lived...
St Anthony prayer

St Anthony Prayer for lost things. Patron saint of lost things

St. Anthony is the patron saint of sailors, castaways, older adults, the sick, pig farmers, and most importantly - with his intercession, God has mercy on a man in trouble, helping to find lost...
God hears our prayers bible verse

GOD HEARS OUR PRAYERS Bible verses confirm this

Don’t be surprised if you may have a natural question about faith: "Do we really have reason to believe that God hears us?" That is a very important thing. The answer is very certain:...
holy innocents day


Holy Innocents Day is celebrated on December 28th. Soon after the great joy of the birth of Jesus, there is a time of great trials for Mary and Joseph. They must escape with their...
beginning of a prayer

BEGINNING OF PRAYER – Love is the Heart of Prayer

Beginning of a Prayer: Love is the heart of Prayer. We need to understand that prayer comes from faith. Faith in God. The prayer of an unbeliever seems strange. What is it aimed at?...