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Special prayers

Sometimes we have a need for special prayers. Here you will find daily prayer examples, special prayers for family, also praise and worship songs.

Heart of worship song

HEART OF WORSHIP SONG, Lyrics and Chords by Matt Redmann

The Heart of worship song is so inspiring, yet simple as it presents him as a humble person, close to God, yet seeking to have a personal relationship with him. Find Heart of Worship lyrics...
What a Beautiful Name is a song, lyrics and chords, by Hillsong worship

Hillsong Worship Song What a Beautiful Name Lyrics, Chords

What a Beautiful Name is a song, lyrics, and chords, by Hillsong worship, the Australian praise and worship group. The single lead song was from the album "Let There Be Light," their 25th live...
Prayer for My Children helps them to cope with difficult situations

Prayer for my children – helps them to cope with difficult situations

Children are the ultimate expression of love between two people. They are the most precious gift we have. That is why praying for our children is essential and good. Prayer for my children is...
st michael prayer

Archangel St Michael Prayer – for God’s Protection and Strength

St Michael prayer - for God's Protection and Strength. What is St Michael the archangel prayer for protection? St Michael the Archangel is one of the greatest of the archangels. He is considered a...
what to pray for in the world today

What to pray for in the world today? Prayer points for 2019

It’s new 2019 year already here. On the first days of the New year, we always think about the main events of the previous years in our lives and also make some plans for...
Five finger prayer by Francis

FIVE FINGER PRAYER Method and Plan by Pope Francis

Maybe many of you already have heard about simple, but very clever prayer method and  plan - five finger prayer. This prayer method was proposed by Pope Francis years before he became Pope. It...
why do christians go to church on sunday

IF GOD IS ALL AROUND US, why do Christians go to Church on Sunday?

If God is all around us, why do Christians go to church on Sunday? Really, why do we go to church? We all have acquaintances and even relatives who do not understand why we should...
Prayer for family and friends

PRAYER FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS Thanksgiving for loved ones

Prayer for family and friends is one of the best gifts you can present to your loved ones. God has called us not only to pray for ourselves but for people around us, too,...
St Anthony prayer

St Anthony Prayer for lost things. Patron saint of lost things

St. Anthony is the patron saint of sailors, castaways, older adults, the sick, pig farmers, and most importantly - with his intercession, God has mercy on a man in trouble, helping to find lost...
Pray daily reasons

SEVEN REASONS TO PRAY DAILY Provide, Forgive, Heal, Protect

Why is prayer so important in our Christian walk? Prayer is communication with God, our heavenly Father. He wants us to be in constant communication with Him (Jeremiah 29:12; Romans 12:12), whether we are...