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Special prayers

Sometimes we have a need for special prayers. Here you will find daily prayer examples, special prayers for family, also praise and worship songs.

chris tomlin resurrection power

CHRIS TOMLIN Resurrection Power Song, Lyrics and Chords

Chris Tomlin Resurrection Power is the first release from his forthcoming 2018-year album. It was released on January 12, 2018, and already is in Billboard Christian songs TOP20. This song declares new life, saying...
children’s bedtime prayers

CHILDREN’S BEDTIME PRAYERS – The best your Investment

Children’s Bedtime Prayers are important during their upbringing, from the cradle to early adolescents. There are important psychological benefits when a child is able to recite a version of bedtime prayers. Not only does...
prayer for marriage reconciliation


Marriage is one of the good and perfect gifts that come from God to mankind. God established marriage and family institution because of the great love He has for us and because...
st anthony prayer

ST ANTHONY PRAYER for lost things Requesting for help in finding items

Who is St Anthony and what is a St Anthony prayer for lost things, prayer for lost items? Can we request St Anthony for help in finding items? How to Pray requesting for intercession? St Anthony (Saint...
Lauren Daigle Trust in you

LAUREN DAIGLE Trust in You Lyrics and Chords

Lauren Daigle Trust in You lyrics and chords. This song music, words, lyrics and chords were written by Lauren Daigle, Paul Mabury, and Michael Farren. This popular song is from the album "How Can...
I Surrender


I Surrender song by Hillsong Worship is one of the most popular worship songs of all times. This song is from group album “Stone’s Have Been Rolled Away” which was released in 1993. Author...
Christian morning prayer

CHRISTIAN MORNING PRAYER – Some tips to start your day right

Christian Morning Prayer is essential to every Jesus' disciple. A new day is starting and you really don’t know what is awaiting you. Maybe it will be wonderful day, but you can face some...
St francis of assisi prayer

ST FRANCIS OF ASSISI PRAYER – Showing the World a Way Out

When you pray for salvation of the world what prayer words do you use? We present you a prayer which helped for thousands of people to get out of difficult situations. This prayer is ...
contemplative prayer

CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER Importance of daily praying in the spirit

Many of us have heard about the contemplative prayer but have you ever practiced it? Contemplative prayer is not just contemplating while praying, it's not praying in mind. This type of prayer...
Pray daily reasons

SEVEN REASONS TO PRAY DAILY Provide, Forgive, Heal, Protect

Why is prayer so important in our Christian walk? Prayer is communication with God, our heavenly Father. He wants us to be in constant communication with Him (Jeremiah 29:12; Romans 12:12), whether we are...