Fourth Week of Advent Prayer Points – O Come, Emmanuel

fourth week of Advent prayer points

The last days of Advent. The prayer points for the fourth week of Advent are designed to prepare us directly for Christmas, which is not just another world holiday, but the birthday of Jesus. “And they will name him Immanuel” (Matthew 1:22-24)

Therefore, in prayer, we ask for a spiritual disposition to correctly receive the contents of this celebration. Therefore, may Christmas bring not only gifts for our bodies but also our souls.

Fourth Week of Advent Prayer Points

Fourth Sunday of Advent prayer – O Come Emmanuel

Dear brothers and sisters, the celebration of the birth of the Lord is at hand. Therefore, in the fourth week of Advent prayer, let us call upon the Lord Jesus, the one foretold by the prophets, the one awaited by all humanity: ‘Come, Lord, and hear our prayers’.

1Prayer for the preparation for Christmas

Lord Jesus, may your faithful ones prepare the way for you so that your love and hope may prepare all your people. Also prepare their shepherds for a meaningful and joyful celebration of your birth.

2Prayer for peace of mind

Jesus, you do not want the destruction of any human being. Therefore, protect us from temptations to body and soul. Grant that all people may have true peace and happiness in forgiving sins.

3Prayer for health and hope

Give health to the sick, strength to the weak, light to the doubtful, comfort, and hope to the discouraged. Let in the last days of Advent, may your grace and healing be especially poured out on them.

4Prayer for those who suffer

Touch with your love those suffering from poverty, sickness, strife, war, and other hardships. May they experience God’s saving grace and receive their neighbor’s help and compassion.

5Prayer for those who pray

Fill with holy joy and spiritually strengthen those who faithfully gather for prayer and worship. May they always remember that they belong to you and receive all your gifts.

6Prayer for the proclamation of the Gospel

Make us messengers of the Good News that we may. As shepherds of Bethlehem, we bring the message of love and joy to the world by celebrating Christmas.

7Prayer for the faithful

Deliver all who confess your name from evil and teach us true humility so that we may be open to your promises and receive your graces in abundance.

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Come, Lord Jesus, hear our prayers and grant us to walk in your way with a pure heart and joyful anticipation of the feast of your birth. You live and reign forever. Amen.