WHAT IS THE POWER OF PRAYER? Bible Verses and Quotes

God is power of prayer

Sometimes we doubt the effectiveness of our prayer. We believe we have just talked and there might not be any effect or answers to them. What is the power of prayer? What does Bible verses and quotes say about power of prayer?

Firstly, for any prayer to be effective, there is something that must be applied and that is faith. The Bible says in Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see”. When we pray, we should believe there are answers to them already. To ascertain this, the Bible says in James 5:17 “the prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective”. If you read this and you are still doubting your prayers, then you are making your prayer powerless. God has already promised us that he would answer our prayers whenever we pray Jeremiah 29:12 “Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.”

Many of us don’t understand the mystery of prayer, we don’t know the power backing up prayer and that is why not everyone that prays get answers, not because they don’t know how to but because they don’t know how to tap into the real source of the power of prayer which is God (God is the power of prayer). That’s not all if we are going to tap into the source of the power, there is only one way as stated by the Bible John 14:6 “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

We need to pray in Jesus name because that’s the only way to get the power of prayer and even from the source (John 14:13).  The power of prayer doesn’t come from the things we use to pray, it doesn’t come as a result of how we pray, it doesn’t come because we made some sacrifices, and it doesn’t come because we position our self at a particular place to pray.

Bible Verses and Quotes about Power of Prayer

For you to be able to tap into the power of prayer, firstly you should know that praying is just a way of communicating with God, the source of the power of prayer. If we ask him anything according to his will, he will hear us (1 John 5:14). Even though Jesus taught us to pray in Matthew 6:9-13, that doesn’t mean we should keep using the same word like it’s a magic spell. For you to tap into the power of prayer, you need to create a strong relationship with the power (God). Psalm 145:18. You need to trust in God only for the power. You can’t get it anywhere and you can’t get it yourself (Proverbs 3:5).

Also, to tap into this power, you must have faith because the Bible says in Hebrews 11:6 “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.” You cannot tap into the power of prayer when you don’t have faith in the source of the power which is God.

There are several records of miracles, signs, and wonders done through prayer. They prayed with faith, they prayed believing God for an answer. Elijah prayed for rain with a strong faith (1 Kings 18:41-19). It is also a known fact that the more you pray according to God’s will and to his Glory, more powerful your prayer becomes. The Bible attests to this in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 “pray without ceasing.” Spend more time praying and in your prayer there is power.

Prayer has the power to unlock every good thing. Prayer is a key. A key that God himself has given us to use to unlock whatever door we want. Hannah made use of this key, she prayed with all her heart believing God for a child. 1 Samuel 1:10 “In her deep anguish Hannah prayed to the LORD, weeping bitterly”. Hannah knew the power in prayer. She knew that prayer is the key and made use of it and God answered her.

Prayer has the power to deliver from whatever unpleasant situations you find yourself. If you are in any kind of problem, financial, health, marital, academic, and spiritual, prayer is a perfect way out. Paul and Silas were thrown into prison Acts 16:25-26 “And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them. And suddenly there was a great earthquake so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and everyone bands were loosed”.

Prayer has the power to help you overcome temptation. The temptation is what we face daily as a human being, either a Christian or not, we face temptation. To overcome temptations we need nothing but prayer.  Matthew 26:41 “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”. Jesus also, when teaching us to pray, he said we should pray against temptation. That’s because he knew that prayer has the power to help us overcome temptation (Matthew 6:13).

Prayer calls the spirit of God to come down and move. God said in Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three gathers in my name, there am I with them”.  When the disciples of Jesus gathered to pray on the day of Pentecost, God moved in their midst (Acts 2:1-4).

Power of prayer can help you overcome your enemies (Psalm 6:10). The Israelites overcame the Philistines with the power of prayer (1 Samuel 7:8-10).

Prayer put us in the secret place of the highest one. It serves as a shield for us in this perilous time. In Psalm 91, we see that anyone who dwells in the secret place of God will be protected. The place of prayer is the secret place that God wants us to be for perfect protection.