Friday, February 3, 2023

Family prayers

Praying together as a family gives tremendous results. Family prayers unite family members, strengthen  family members, keep peace in the family. Family which prays together, stays together. Here you can read about different family prayers types and situations, find family prayers which suits the best to your family.

Prayers for my teenage son Rebellious Relationship with Parents

PRAYERS FOR MY TEENAGE SON Rebellious Relationship with Parents

Prayers for my teenage son. Rebellious Relationship with Parents. Have you ever laid awake at night wondering, where is my son? What is he up to? Who is he with? Is he safe? The...
Prayer for peace in the family love harmony unity

Prayer for peace in the family – Christian Source of Love, Harmony

Prayer for peace in the family is a Christian source of love, harmony, and unity. These days people are finding it hard to operate in their day-to-day relationships. They destroy one another with their...
Prayer for family first

PRAYER FOR FAMILY – bring the needs of your loved ones to God

We are always happy when our family and loved ones gather together. It is blessed time when we get together with the friends and family.  Sometimes we haven’t seen them in several months.  Families...
prayer for marriage reconciliation


Marriage is one of the good and perfect gifts that come from God to humanity. God established marriage and family institutions because of His great love for us and His good intention to meet...
what does the bible say about marriage


What does the Bible say about marriage? The Word of God defines marriage as a covenant or a sacred promise between one man and one woman. Marriage is therefore when a “man leaves his...
children’s bedtime prayers

CHILDREN’S BEDTIME PRAYERS – The best your Investment

Children’s Bedtime Prayers are essential during their upbringing, from the cradle to early adolescents. In addition, there are significant psychological benefits when a child can recite a version of bedtime prayers. Not only does it...
Prayer for my daughter to give her Strength, Protection, and Healing

Prayer for my daughter to give her Strength, Protection, and Healing

Young people often yearn for independence from their parents but do not yet have life experience. That is why prayer for daughter is so important. As a parent, you may have various prayers in...
Prayer for My Children helps them to cope with difficult situations

Prayer for my children – helps them to cope with difficult situations

Children are the ultimate expression of love between two people. They are the most precious gift we have. That is why praying for our children is essential and good. Prayer for my children is...