TEACHER PRAYER – How to pray words of encouragement

Teacher prayer how to pray words of encouragement

Teacher prayer – how to pray words of encouragement. Teachers have great influence on our nation. They are heroes that should be recognized and respected in our society, although not all are outstanding as anyone might go to college to become a teacher without a passion for teaching. Nevertheless, many are unique, a good mentor and role model and have the ability to sow the seed of love and hope in the lives of their student. Teaching is a divine gift and talent which only a few are blessed with. Teachers in many ways have touched so many lives around them in a positive way. They usually serve as friends, guides, and encourage their students to dream big.

Whenever you look down the memory lane you can always remember that special teacher or teachers that gives you strength when hope lost, cheer you up whenever you down and ensure you acquire that specific skill or help brings out the best in you. Such wonderful people deserve our respect, support and prayers to be healthy, happy and be put in God’s care even as they nurture young minds to become great. The teachers appreciated could be your formal teacher, kid’s teacher, online coach, and the likes.

Even the Bible makes us understand that teaching is a highly responsible and challenging work. “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness” (James 3:1-2).

Teacher Prayer

Here is teacher prayer for those special ones in our lives that we care about.

Dear God,

We come to you today to give thanks for the lives of our teachers. And we appreciate you for how you always impact in student each day in the classroom. We pray for God’s wisdom and knowledge for them to make good judgment when serving us and next generation to come. Fill their heart with joy, peace to overcome stress and anxiety whenever it comes. Give them the grace to help and encourage student achieve their dreams/goals in life. Please Lord, give them the strength to face and manage every challenge on their path without growing weary. We are grateful for the gift of knowledge share and how they are shaping the future our generation. Bless them as they bless us and care for our children even in our absence.  All this we ask in Jesus Name. Amen.

This second prayer is suitable for a teacher to pray for their own work and student. Read this teacher prayer:

Almighty Father,

I thank you for another school year, I pray you fill me with understanding to instruct and teach others in the right way. Help me to see each potential in my student and bring out the best in them. I ask for the patient to impart knowledge to others. Teaching is a huge responsibility but I believe with you by my side everything will be easy, help me to trust and depend on you.

Oh Lord, help me to love and care for my students, to be disciplined as well be fair in my judgment towards any issue. Teach me how to relate to all parent/guardians and co-workers in peace and humility. Show me how to serve, give and love as you have taught us in your word. I trust in you to lead and help me overcome every challenge ahead of me this year because I know I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me in Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

Teachers deserve our prayers and words of encouragement

Showing love and appreciation is a powerful act of human decency most especially when it comes from the grateful heart, both the person showing the appreciation and the recipient are enriched and renewed. “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed” (Proverbs 11:25).

Teacher prayer is one great way to appreciate the effort of teachers in our society. After our immediate family teachers have the greatest influence during childhood transition to adulthood. They are reasons for many doctors, engineers, lawyers, and all other professional in our society. The quality of teaching has a significant impact on children’s learning in school.

Most of them are good listeners and solution finder. They always listen to their students and help them during a difficult situation. Most times you feel comfortable and secure sharing your secrets and problems with them cause you are sure of their understanding, trust, and guide. They act as a great friend and a good listener to us.

Good teachers are always positive. They speak words that will encourage and plants positive ideas in the mind of their student. This, however, allows their student to think in a positive and confident way while they discover themselves. So this word gives strength and hopes to the one who is lacking in a certain area or the other. Even when teachers have a personal problem they leave it behind to have a lively, joyful and interesting classroom environment. They therefore deserve a teacher prayer to keep them going and stay stronger.

They help boost student confidence. Through the help of our teachers, we are able to discover and express ourselves in a way that we enjoy. Many students are talented and also have passion towards certain thing but fear and lack of self-esteem and confidence have been a huge hindrance to achieving goals or acquiring the necessary skills that will help us. Finally, many good teachers see this weakness and have helped many students in this aspect to overcome fear.

Teachers are the nation builders

The strength of every profession develops from the knowledge and skills imparted by our teachers. Teaching is a challenging job burdened with many tasks yet people in this field often face discouragement and break down. It takes commitment, passion and good heart for a teacher to be a role model, motivator and ideal mentor for their student. Are you thinking of one special teacher as you read this post?  You can reach out to the fellow through teacher prayer or write encouragement message with Bible verses and sent as an email or text to your teacher, it’s just a nice way of showing gratitude for their love and to brighten their day.