ALWAYS PUT YOUR HOPE IN GOD Prayer for December 21

always put your hope in god

Always put your hope in God – Prayer for December 21. The Bible is full of promises for us. We can come into God’s presence. He wants to heal us from our diseases. He wants to take care of all our needs. And much more – more than you can count!

Bible Verse for Today

“Through him, we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we boast in the hope of the glory of God.” (Romans 5:2)

Why do we, Christians, sometimes miss God’s promises for lack of faith? Life sometimes is full of trials and difficult situations. In such cases, it is tough and discouraging to keep hope. So let’s ask ourselves: Do you experience these promises? Good will happen if you cling to the hope of sharing God’s favor.

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Luke 2:52 says, “And Jesus increased … favor with God and with men.” We have access to the favor of God through faith. It is also possible to gain that favor and experience the promise, just as Jesus did. You can rejoice and put your hope in God because you know these promises will come true – even if you can not see them yet.

The promises of the Bible are for us. So rejoice in experiencing God’s greatness and glory. He will do amazing things in your life. So always put your hope in God, and you will get peace in your heart.

Always Put your Hope in God Prayer for Today

God, I need your peace in my heart. Lord, I feel that your love is always with me. I believe that you can do everything that is promised in your word. Lord, I always put my hope in you! In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen. 

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