ENCOURAGE ME LORD Prayer for February 22

Daily encourage me Lord prayer

Encourage me Lord – Prayer for February 22. It’s a wonderful day to know that you have the capability within your reach to break yourself from whatever is keeping you from reaching your goals, destiny, and the manifestation of the promises of God in your life. Ask in the prayer: “Encourage me Lord!”

Bible Verse for Today

“Awake, awake, Zion, clothe yourself with strength! Put on your garments of splendor, Jerusalem, the holy city. The uncircumcised and defiled will not enter you again.” (Isaiah 52:1)

Your life needs to be awake for you to achieve in life, you must look through your eyes of faith and start seeing yourself the way God wants you to. You have the strength to reach your goals and the uncircumcised or the defiled will enter into you. You are a holy city, defiled things like sin and doubt in your heart must not be in you.

Remember the four lepers in 2 Kings 7:4. They made up their mind, they resolve within themselves; whatever circumstances, whatever hard times they might face. Verse 5 says, “And they rose up in the twilight, to go into the camp of the Syrians and when they were come to the uttermost part of the camp of Syria. Behold, there was no man there.” We are expected to act like these men. We should wake up from our slumber and act. Even when the situation around you looks bad, when you feel discouraged and frustrated, you must find encouragement in Christ and make up your mind to act.

Encourage me Lord Prayer for Today

Lord, as I wake up this morning, I wake to shine forth, the world shall see my light today. Strengthen me Lord to reach my goals and to stay focus on you. If I am sleeping physically, spiritually, or in any area of my life, I receive the power to wake up today and start working, and I will act with the power of God.

Today Lord, I make up my mind to take steps that will lift me higher, I refuse to slumber spiritually, and nothing defiled shall enter into my life. Encourage me Lord to do more and to achieve more in Jesus name. Amen.

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