FOCUS ON GOD Prayer for February 1

Daily prayer to focus on God

Focus on God – Prayer for February 1. To pay attention to something is to focus on something. What or who we pay attention to is what or who we know that will be of benefit to us either now or later. Let’s tell God to help us focus on Him.

Bible Verse about focusing on God

“Listen and hear my voice; pay attention and hear what I say” (Isaiah 28:23).

Focusing on God has great benefit. He always wants to tell us things that will help us grow spiritually, financially, academically, and on other areas of our lives. Paying attention to Him and His words is the only way to keep us to the benefits. When we pay attention, we yield to His instruction and we do according to His plans.

When Samuel was a child, God called him and he rushed to meet the Prophet, after times of going to the prophet, he was told to pay attention to the voice. It was after he paid attention that God started to speak to him telling him His plan.  The truth is, if we don’t pay proper attention to God, He will not speak to us. We must humble and listen to Him because He wants to tell us of His plans for our lives.

We must also learn to pay attention to things around, pay attention to your business because there will surely be things that needed attention, pay attention to job, pay attention to your family, and pay attention to things of God. By paying attention, you might encounter an opportunity that will move you to the next level. So try to focus on God by speaking this prayer.

Focus on God Prayer for Today.

Lord, thank you for this morning. You are wonderful Lord. I want to focus on you alone for the rest of my life. Even when trouble blows or when storm comes, let me be able to stand with you all day and focus on you.

I know you have something you want to tell me, help to pay attention to your words and not to be distracted by anything in this world. In your word, there is hope for a better tomorrow, I therefore hold unto it. Teach me to pay attention to even to your promises. Amen.

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