WE ARE PILGRIMS Devotion for Today January 1

Devotion for Today January 1

Hey, dear brothers and sisters in Christ! It is a great pleasure to meet you for daily prayer on the first day of January. Let’s start Devotion for Today January 1, the first day of the New Year with the wonderful words of the psalm. And this is Psalm 121. An ancient text from the Word of God full of trust in God. For thousands of years, the words of this psalm have comforted and strengthened billions of people.

Devotion for Today January 1

The Lord watches over you—
the Lord is your shade at your right hand;
the sun will not harm you by day,
nor the moon by night. (Psalm 121:5-6)

Try to imagine these words being said to a pilgrim who begins his journey. They are spoken by the husband, wife, priest, blessing and laying on his hands.

Blessed in this way, the pilgrim embarks on a journey. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of miles, he will have to walk. He will have to go through unfamiliar lands, unfamiliar roads. Many will face difficulties and dangers.

Fear not, the LORD is with You

Going through one country, he learns that Gentiles worship idols here and produce amulets to protect against disasters. Are they really protecting? No. The pilgrim is shrouded in the grace of the true, most powerful, and the only God. The Creator and Ruler of the World itself is on his side. So, pagan amulets are worthless.

Along the way, he remembers those wonderful words of blessing. His Shepherd is not sleeping. He watches day and night and makes sure you reach your destination. At the beginning and end of the journey, all the way, the Good Shepherd will take care of you.

I want to suggest to you look at this year, which we are starting together, in the same way as a pilgrimage. Yes, we are repeatedly attacked by fear. Yes, various worries will not leave us alone. We will be afraid of the sun, we will be afraid of the moon. (Psalm 121)

In other words, there will be days that will look like the worst in our lives. Also there will be nights when we will not be able to fall asleep because we will not have peace and we will be asked, “How will things go?”

Prayer Protects you

In such cases, it would be good to talk to someone about it. And it is important that it be a man who will remind you of the words of this psalm, who will remind you of the love of God that accompanies us at every step.

It is important to have someone who will pray for you.

Let us begin this New Year as pilgrims going to the Kingdom of God. Let us be open to the love of God, his help, and his blessing.

Let’s learn the lesson that there are so many situations in life that you can’t handle and things that don’t depend on your efforts. Only by going with God will we succeed, we will reach the goal of our journey.

Let God help us on the journey to meet those people who are also pilgrims, who are our brothers and sisters. We should not go alone but help and strengthen one another.

Prayer for Today

My Lord, I want to start the New Year by looking at you, following you, loving you, and trusting you. Be my protection and strength in the path of life. Lord, may your grace help me to maintain the direction of your Kingdom. Without your help and grace, it is impossible to get there. All my life, I put it in your hands with confidence. Amen.