Give to God what is God’s, 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A. In a world where the spiritual and secular often collide, Jesus’s profound words in Matthew 22:21 echo through the ages, a guiding beacon for every believer navigating life’s complex socio-spiritual terrain.

When the Pharisees attempted to trap Him in political controversy, Jesus’ response was not one of rebellion or anarchy. Instead, He distinguished between the obligations due to earthly authorities and those we owe exclusively to our Heavenly Father.

Devotional for 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

“So give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” (full text at Matthew 22:15-21)

Give to God what Belongs to God

The domain of Caesar’s rule-bound the currency bearing Caesar’s image. However, we, created in the image of God, belong to an authority transcending human institutions or governance. This foundational truth delineates our responsibilities in and to this world, highlighting a balance that acknowledges human authority but is rooted in divine sovereignty.

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As we meditate on this passage, we must reflect on our lives. Are there areas where the lines between our duties to “Caesar” and our worship of God have blurred?

Dual Citizenship

As Christians, we live with a foot in two worlds: the earthly kingdom and the heavenly. Clearly, Jesus was instructing a distinction between divine and human responsibilities, rendering devotion to God while at the same time honoring his responsibility to support the human community.

How do we honor our commitments to both while ensuring God reigns supreme?

In His Image

If what bears Caesar’s image belongs to Caesar, then what takes God’s image (our very selves) is rightfully His.

This means we live for God’s glory and are on life’s journey to His house. Our heart is lifted to Heaven. Giving to God what belongs to Him means that we must keep the direction of the kingdom of Heaven and not stray from it.

Giving Caesar what belongs to him means that we are going to the Kingdom of Heaven by the ways of earth. Along the way, we must take care of our earthly affairs in a way that not only brings benefit and joy to people but also makes God proud of our honesty, duty, and diligence.

Are we rendering ourselves, our lives, and our all to God as we should?

Godly Stewardship vs. Earthly Obligations

Evaluate your resources, time, and talents. Are they employed primarily in the pursuit of earthly recognition, or are they anchored in glorifying God and serving His kingdom purposes?

Prayer for Today

Heavenly Father, in a world where our loyalties are constantly tested, grant us the wisdom to discern correctly and the courage to act on that discernment. Help us navigate our responsibilities to earthly authorities without compromising our heavenly mandate. May our lives, imprinted with Your divine image, reflect an allegiance that is first and foremost to You, transcending all earthly ties.

Teach us, Lord, to be good stewards of our earthly citizenship, using our positions, influence, and resources to mirror Your kingdom’s principles on earth. Amidst the cacophony of societal pressures, may Your still, small voice be the loudest in our hearts, guiding our thoughts, decisions, and actions. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

To You

  1. How can you ensure that your everyday choices balance honoring earthly commitments and God’s commandments?
  2. Reflect on a recent decision you made. Was it influenced more by worldly expectations or guided by spiritual conviction?
  3. How can you use your societal obligations as platforms for demonstrating God’s truth and love?