GOD ALONE Prayer. God’s message to me right now

god alone

God’s message to me right now. I recently had a friend say to me, “God is so mysterious, I wish He would shout his answers to us.” I think God does shout His answers and they are simple but so difficult. I find that I will hear something very clearly, but I don’t want to accept it. I remember once I arrived to one city and noticed the words inscribed in stone over the monastic gate, “GOD ALONE.”

This were only two words, but I understood that it was God’s message to me right now. I needed people, and I have been frightened by the very thought of losing loved ones, but if we hold onto God alone, He will take us through “the valley of the shadow of the death.” 

Death and loss, very much a part of the months of my this time period, but God is consoling and comforting us through the losses, and I see new beginning too.


Lord, For today, in each moment of this day

May I see Your beauty and surrender my will to You alone

Be my vision, my breath, the beating of my heart.

If today I meet poverty, deprivation, or darkness of sin,

May I reflect the richness of Your goodness to the world, and the light of faith.

If today I come across hatred, ugliness or selfishness,

May I introduce Your love, beauty, and compassion.

If today I am imprisoned by lies, addiction, or violence,

May I seek freedom in Your truth, serenity, and peace.

If today I encounter rejection, betrayal, or abandonment,

May I embrace Your acceptance, steadfast love, and presence.

If today I know doubt, despair, or death,

May I find hope in my faith and eternal life.

Today, may I be still.

May I have the vision to see You in everyone and everything,

And to reflect Your Beauty, truth, and goodness,

In merciful and humble love. Amen. (By Debra Classen)

The real gift is to be present to your present life

With prayer, we can begin to have an awareness of our life right now, and all the beauty that is before us at this moment. We have only the moments, strings of pearls where we glimpse the mystery, the glory, and God’s radiance before us. More often we are working really hard to manufacture good times, either through a lot of busyness and ‘props’, or we editing the past memories. The real gift is to be present to your present life.

God’s message to me right now

Enjoy these days, whatever they may bring. Even in the midst of financial struggles, health concerns, relationships problems, and work stress, stay in your life, and look for the presence of God.

Even if you don’t have the time or inclination to plant sunflowers or ‘gaze’ upon them, I pray that a glimpse of God’s beauty in your life is revealed to you and gives you a reason to hope today.

Enjoy our PrayRay.com blog and our daily prayer project. May God bless you all!