god fulfills his promises

God fulfills His promises – Prayer for January 14. Anyone can make a promise but not everyone can fulfill the promise that has been made. When God promises us something, he doesn’t forget, he will surely fulfill his promise.

Bible Verse for Today

“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.” (Hebrews 10:23)

There are times that we have promised someone something but due to circumstances or some unforeseen occurrences, we couldn’t fulfill the promise. This makes the person we promise to feel disappointed. Humanly, we can fail to fulfill our promises to people.

To avoid disappointing people we promise, before we make promises, it is important to think very well – we should not be too quick to make promises.

Jephthah was quick to make a promise to the Lord. He promised God that if he wins the battle, he will sacrifice the first things that come out of his house. Unfortunately for Jephthah, it was his daughter that came out first. Some promise may cost us a lot than we think. This is why we must not be too quick to make promises.

Some people may pressurize you to make a quick promise, you just not allow that – don’t allow yourself to be forced to make promises.

The only one who can promise and never fail to fulfill the promise is God. When God promises us anything, he doesn’t disappoint us. There are lots of his promises in the Bible, what we need to do is to claim these promises – they are made for us, we need the fulfillment of these promises in our lives, we can get it by claiming them. God knows his plans for us and they are of good and not of evil.

This is why he promise that he will provide for us, he promised he will never leave us in time of trouble. Even when we are unfaithful, he remained faithful and he cares for us.

God Fulfills His Promises Prayer for Today

Dear Lord, if there’s any time that I have made a quick promise and I was unable to fulfill the promise thereby causing disappointment, God, I pray you to forgive me today. Help me to say the right words and never to promise in vain. You are the only one who fulfills a promise, I’m trusting in you for the fulfillment of the promises you have made to us in your word. Let your will alone be done. Amen.

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