God helps us in our weakness

Prayer for May 20. God helps us in our weakness. Man is weak, it is God that has given man the power to do all that he is doing. God is inspiring all innovations we see today from the beginning. Let’s tell God to inspire us and help in our weaknesses.

Bible Verse for Today

“I know, LORD, that our lives are not our own. We are not able to plan our own course.” (Jeremiah 10:23)

In this new age, to man, nothing seems impossible. Considering all breakthroughs that he has been able to make through science and technology, man has been able to display great ingenuity.

The ability to conquer nature up to a level, defy gravity, reduce space and turn the whole world into a global village is really amazing. All he has been able to do now is confirm the mandate that God gave to man at the beginning of the creation (Genesis 1:28).

Even with all these amazing inventions and innovations, there are things that man can never achieve which means there are things beyond man.

For instance, why has he not been able to conquer and subdue his environment, or master himself? The inability of a man to control himself is what is responsible for the suffering coming upon him. The man has not been able to build what can help him conquer sin and the devil himself. Man can control the things around him but cannot control lust, temper, greed, the tongue, and even the heart.

What then can we say that he has gotten all the power to control the world and conquer the impossibilities? It is when we humble ourselves before the Lord, we can tap into the incredible power to control ourselves and the factors that cause suffering.

We are weak and for this reason, we need to turn to God to help us in our weakness.

God Helps us in our Weakness Prayer for Today

Lord, your power is far greater and it goes beyond man’s understanding. It is by your power that the earth was formed, it is by your power that creatures came to being – Lord, show forth your power in my life and let it inspire me to do things beyond human imagination. Amen.

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