Lack of Goodwill is a Sign of Immaturity, Devotional for Today January 22

Lack of Goodwill is a Sign of Immaturity Devotional

Do you know that unpleasant feeling when you go to Church and feel that you are not growing there? People will talk about world peace, tolerance, and feeding the poor… But you won’t hear them talking about God. Even worse, you will listen to them criticizing each other, but you won’t hear them talking about the Bible. So you feel a lack of goodwill. And you will feel frustrated.

This is the unpleasant feeling that the Apostle Paul describes in today’s daily devotional, January 22.

Devotional for Today, January 22

I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not yet ready for it. Indeed, you are still not ready. You are still worldly. (1 Corinthians 3:2-3)

Let your Faith Grow!

The Apostle Paul is forced to speak to the Corinthian Christian community as to children because they are not yet ready to live as mature disciples of Jesus.

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Babes in Christ refers to the first steps of the Christian life, the initial stage of faith. The milk teaches the basic principles and truths of the faith (Hebrews 5:11-14; 6:1). By contrast, “solid food” is already teaching about higher spiritual things for advanced Christians.

In this passage in Corinthians, we see the Apostle Paul’s frustration.

Let your Personality Grow!

These people had long ago believed and accepted Jesus into their lives. However, a large proportion of the local Christians were Gentile converts to Christianity. They believed in and loved Jesus but were in no hurry to leave the pagan way of life. Often they did not understand why becoming a Christian required a lifestyle change.

As your faith grows, may your Personality grow too!

That’s why Paul says you could be mature already. But again and again, the basic principles of Christian living need to be explained.

Lack of Goodwill is a Sign of Immaturity

One of the evils brought by paganism was pride. Unfortunately, this sin manifests itself again and again in the community of believers.

The division into factions and the unwillingness to humble oneself leads Paul to remind us again of the elementary things that are required of every Christian. One of the essential Christian qualities is goodwill and humility. These are the best weapons against pride.

A lack of goodwill is a sign of immaturity.

It is, therefore, the duty of every baptized person to feel responsible for himself and his brothers and sisters in the Church. How will your sins affect them?

Make the Church a place where Christians can grow and mature.

Prayer for Today

Heavenly Father, I humble myself, repent, and seek Your face. Please give me new spiritual insights to strengthen my trust in You. May my selfishness and pride be weakened. May Your grace help me to feel mentally, spiritually, and physically invigorated so that I may rise above my weakness. Strengthen my love so that every member of the Church may matter to me. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.