I want to participate in the Lord’s Harvest. Daily Devotional for February 14

Lord's Harvest

It is strange that 2000 years after Jesus’ time, his word is still alive and relevant. Today in the Daily Devotional we read the Gospel of Luke. So, isn’t Jesus talking about our 21st century? He says, “The harvest is great, but the laborers are few.” What kind of harvest is he talking about? I want to participate in the Lord’s Harvest.

Devotional for Today February 14

After this, the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go. He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. (Luke 10:1-2)

Spiritual Harvest

So what harvest is Jesus talking about? Of course, He is talking about the spiritual harvest.

The same idea is found in Matthew’s Gospel (Matthew 9:36). There it is explained that Jesus spoke these words when He saw the crowds of people who were spiritually lost and tired of searching. They looked truly like sheep without a shepherd.

Jesus uttered that legendary phrase about the harvest because God’s heart broke at the sight of the misery of those people.

There are nearly 8 billion people in the world today. Only 2.3 billion are Christians. More than 5 billion do not know Christ. They do not know that there is no other way to God’s Kingdom but through Christ.

Therefore, the harvest is really big. And the time of harvest is now because thousands of people are dying every day.

I want to Participate in the Lord’s Harvest

Saint Dominic, the founder of the Order of Preachers, used to pray every day, “Lord, what will happen to sinners?”

Why are there only a few workers? Because many Christians no longer follow Jesus. Because many have come to love this world more than the Kingdom of God.

The workers are few because we do not see the harvest as God sees it. We think it is important that my family, my friends, my community be saved. Everyone else is none of my business.

Meanwhile, God wants to save absolutely everyone, even the most degraded and devoted to evil. But for this task, God needs the hands, lips, and heart of a believer.

The greatest joy is to save ourselves. The second greatest joy is to save another human being.

Prayer for Today

Lord Jesus, you have appointed 72 other disciples to go into all the cities and preach the Good News. Today I tell you honestly, I want to be one of those 72 disciples. If necessary, call me, I will answer.

Therefore, please give me the courage not to be afraid of situations that will require my efforts. Please give me love so that I can feel responsible for all humanity and pray the words “Lord, what will happen to sinners?” Jesus, You are Lord. I praise You and thank You. Amen.