The second week of Advent Prayer Points – a call to repent

second week of Advent Prayer Points a call to repent

The second week of Advent prayer points us to the Bible verses that speak through the lips of John the Baptist that now is the time for conversion.

The second week of Advent calls us to repentance. This is a logical step because the first week of Advent reminds us of the joyful event ahead, the second coming of Jesus Christ, and our encounter with him. Accordingly, the second week of Advent calls us to prepare ourselves properly for this encounter.

The prayer points for the first week of Advent can be found here: Advent Prayer

The Second week of Advent Prayer Points

Dear brothers and sisters, the season of Advent calls us who are gathered in the community of faith, the Church, to repent in the words of John the Baptist: “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven has come near” (Matthew 3:2). Let us pray for the grace of openness of heart and faithfulness.

1Prayer for the Proclamation of the Gospel

May the Church founded by Christ faithfully and lovingly bring the Gospel to a world torn by strife. May every Christian understand that what humanity needs most now is hope in Jesus Christ.

2Prayer for Repentance

May all believers respond to the call of God’s Word during Advent to repent and walk the paths of life with a heart open to God’s grace. Let us pray that the filth of sin may not obscure our encounter with the Lord.

3Prayer for Persecuted Christians

Let us pray for persecuted Christians throughout the world. May they not lose courage and remain faithful to Christ and their faith. May the Lord, through our intercessions, give them comfort and strength.

4Prayer for the Leaders of the Nations

We pray for the leaders of the nations that their most significant concern may be for the well-being of all people. May they always remember that they have come to serve, not to rule and that the Lord will hold them accountable.

5Prayer for Peace

Let us pray for countries torn by wars and strife. May peace prevail throughout the world, and may God’s grace heal the wounded hearts of men. We pray to you, Lord, to stop this horror sown by Satan.

6Prayer for Families

Let us pray for our families. May God’s grace make the family a safe harbor for every family member when wars of ideology, hatred, and human vanity rage around the world.

7Prayer for Deceased Loved Ones

May our deceased loved ones experience God’s infinite love, the grace of eternal happiness, and the joy of the resurrection. May their dream of sitting at the same table with our Lord in the Kingdom of Heaven come true.

Please, Lord, hear our Prayer

Heavenly Father, you sent your beloved Son Jesus Christ to earth to destroy death and to call all to life. By the light of his divine love, awaken us to new life and an ever stronger faith in the Gospel. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.