Advent Prayer Points – First Week, Waiting for Christ’s coming

Advent Prayer Points First Week Waiting for Christ's coming

Advent prayer points for the first week. The first part of Advent is dedicated to the second coming of Christ. This will be the joyful and glorious coming of Jesus Christ to earth. Jesus calls us to be ready to meet and enter the Kingdom of Heaven with him.

The Bible’s guiding passage is the Gospel passage Matthew 24:37-44.

Advent Prayer Points

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, In the first week of Advent, we are invited to prepare for the coming of Christ. Therefore, let us pray for the graces of heart conversion for ourselves and all our neighbors in the Advent prayer points.

1Prayer for the Leaders of the Church

We ask God’s grace for the leaders of the Church that they may always have much love and faith in their ministry. May their first motive always be Your love and the salvation of people.

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2Prayer for the Church

May the Church successfully bring the Gospel, the light of Christ, and the message of hope, to a world torn by strife. May the faithful remember that they are the light of the world.

3Prayer for the Leaders of the Nations

We pray for the leaders of the nations that their most significant concern may be the realization of Gospel justice and the well-being of all people. May they always remember that they have received their authority from Your grace.

4Prayer for Peace

Let us pray for peace in war-torn countries, especially for Ukraine. May peace prevail in the world, and may the people who have been maimed by war and who have lost loved ones receive the healing comfort of the Lord and the compassion and help of their neighbors.

5Prayer for Conversion

Lord, help us to turn away from what is sinful so that nothing may separate us from God and the love of one another. Help us always to remember that your blood redeems us.

6Prayer for Confession

Lord Jesus, we ask for the grace to know the poverty of our lives and to realize how much we need you in every step of life. Please help us understand that you alone are our Saviour, strength, and comfort.

Advent Prayer

Lord Jesus, you call us to watch and be ready to meet you. Give us the strength to fight resolutely against our spiritual laziness and cowardice so that when the time comes, we may be fit to share in Your Kingdom of joy. You live and reign forever. Amen.