One of you will betray me! Devotional for Tuesday of Holy Week

One of you will betray me Devotional for Tuesday of Holy Week

Devotional for Tuesday of Holy Week. “One of you will betray me!” The Master said quietly and without reproach.

Threats from the outside tend to bring people closer together. But here? One sentence from Jesus, and it was like a drop of poison. Mistrust added to the fear of what was to come.

Devotional for Tuesday of Holy Week

Jesus was troubled in spirit and testified, “Very truly I tell you, one of you is going to betray me.” His disciples stared at one another, at a loss to know which of them he meant. (John 13:21-22)

Betrayal – what is it?

“One of you” – but who? They were terrified.

What was this betrayal that was so close to each of their hearts? Perhaps the betrayal is now to leave the Master alone? But that would not have shocked Jesus.

He certainly knew it would happen. The path of suffering that Jesus had to walk, He had to walk alone.

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It would have been cowardly to hide in this hour of need, but it was not betrayal.

Betrayal is active opposition to God’s way. Betrayal is doing something that brings disaster. Betrayal gives a decisive advantage to the persecutors. It is an entirely different quality from remaining silent out of fear.

The point of Judas’ betrayal

What did Judas do? He acted against the request of The Lord’s Prayer: Thy will be done!

Judas did not want God’s will.

But it was this request that was so important to Jesus. So a little later, Jesus prayed the same prayer, asking for the strength to go on: Thy will be done!

Whoever prays like this is not exempt from personal responsibility. Instead, it is free consent to what God is doing.

“Thy will be done” means trusting God’s plan and action are right.

This becomes extremely difficult when one is faced with suffering. It is challenging to accept God’s will when the way we hoped for is closed to you.

One of you will betray me!

Judas became a traitor. Why?

John says: “Satan entered into him.” Diablos – confusion. A force that distorts everything.

What about us? Where do we sit at Jesus’ table?

Wherever we disagree with God’s will, we are in danger of betrayal. So likewise, when we think we know better than God Himself, we are in danger of betrayal.

Prayer for Today

Lord, there is comfort in You. You give bread to the betrayer with Your own hands. You are noble and do not reject us when we sin.

Because of you, we are not lost. You always invite us to sit at the table beside You. The darkness of our sins does not obscure Your light. It illuminates our lives and points the way to repentance. You lead us to resurrection.

I pray that the peace of God, which is greater than our understanding, may protect your hearts and minds in Jesus Christ. Amen.