answering the call of God

Answering the call of God – Prayer for Lent #day 32. This is the time that we should be expecting God to call us and speak to us about the plans He has for us and the things that He wants to do through us. We should consecrate ourselves for the spirit of God and receive the call.

Bible Verse for Today

“He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it.” (1 Thessalonians 5:24)

Knowing God’s calling for your life is the greatest discovery you can ever count on in your lifetime. It is like discovering your purpose and it is said that “A life without purpose is a life without a drive and a life without drive is a life that is going nowhere.”

Some people do some easy things and yet fail at them. They feel things that are easy to do can be easy for them also. That is not how life is. Everyone can only work and be successful in the area that he has discovered is the best for him. That is the difference man possesses.

What I can do with ease, you might not be able to do it with ease. Our efficiency or capability to work depends on our gift. God has given us different gifts – the gifts are what God has given us that we need to survive in any situation or to use to get success. When you feel you are doing some works for God and you are not succeeding at it.

Take time out, relax and ask yourself some questions like, “Am I going the right way, am I not wasting my time doing the wrong thing, or is this where God has called me to work?” When you ask yourself these questions, the answers you find to them opens your eyes to find where you fit in.

Usually, after trying to find answers to the questions above, it brings about new questions. How do I know God’s calling for my life? Where is God calling me to work for him? Asking these questions is right, you are a few steps away from answering the call of God for your life. When you ask those questions, it shows you are ready to be used by God, you are ready to discover your purpose.

Let’s face reality now, truly, how can we know and answer the calling of God? Is it going to come as a sign? Are we going to hear a loud voice telling us what to do? For most of us, what we are expecting is a sign that will convince us – we just want an unusual sign.

The truth is, if we continue waiting for an unusual sign, we may end up not getting and answering the call of God for our lives.

Answering the Call of God Prayer for Today

Dear Lord, I know there are marvelous things that you want to use me for – you are great and you have selected me to do great things. I pray that you help me to go the right way when you call me. Help me to hear and answer your call. Amen.

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