God gives us signs

God gives us signs – Prayer for Lent #day 33. People can be called by God and not pay attention to know that it is God calling them. God gives us signs to tell us what He wants us to do. Have you been called by God and you did not know?

Bible Verse for Today

“And the LORD called Samuel again the third time. And he arose and went to Eli, and said, Here am I; for thou didst call me. And Eli perceived that the LORD had called the child.” (1 Samuel 3:8)

The question is “Am I being called by God?” Are you called by God, what’s is your position right now, are you a believer yet, and what is your purpose? How can you be sure it’s God that called you to that particular thing you are doing and how did you discern the calling?

Samuel was young when God called him. At first, he couldn’t discern the voice of God until he was told by Eli to listen.

God is calling everybody to his work but not everyone is answering. God is so keen on saving the world from destruction, he has been on this mission for so long. He sent His Son to die for us out of love. In times past, He called people to this mission, He called them to use whatever they have to serve Him and be on this mission with Him.

Some answered, some did not answer at all, while some disobeyed before they later yielded as in the case of Jonah. In this world you can’t be neutral, if you are not answering the call of God, you can’t say you are not answering the call of Satan as well. You must follow one, once you deactivate from God or not yielding to His call, you automatically activate to the other side.

Knowing you are being called starts with understanding God. Before you get called by God, there are processes and the process starts when you hear the true word of God or when meditating on the word of God. You will discover things that you have not known before.

This will open your eyes to the reality of God.

The things of God will interest you that you will desire to know more, it is from this that you will discover the part of the work of God you fit in, where God is calling you to work. God uses our strong desire to make us know His calling for us.

God Gives Us Signs Prayer for Today

Lord, if you have called me and I did not answer your call, I pray that you forgive me. Open my ears to hear you. Open my mind to understand you more and to be opened to your call. Let your word give me the desire that I need to be able to obey your call. Amen.

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