children of God through faith

Children of God through faith – Prayer for February 1. Since we have been called into the family of God through Christ, we have become God’s children. Now whatever we do, we must do it as a child of God and not as a slave.

Bible Verse for Today

“So in Christ Jesus, you are all children of God through faith.” (Galatians 3:26)

The word of God has been given to us to model our life, we are modeling after the Word of God, we are modeling after Jesus the anointed one. He is our perfect example. Therefore, when we look in the mirror of the Word, we see ourselves in the light of Jesus Christ, the effulgence of the glory of God, the express image of his person.

In the middle of the Word, we see the glory of God, and that is who we are. We are the reflection of that glory. When man sinned in the Garden, he fell from that glory, for all have sinned and come short the glory of God. We have been restated to that glory in Christ, and we are changed into the image of it, from glory to glory by the Holy Spirit, only as we behold and keep building that glory.

Any child of God that is not behaving as one is not beholding the glory of God in the word. He or she is not studying the word to see the way to behave.

The church is the ground and the pillar of truth where we are taught the Word, that we may know how to behave ourselves. Our behavior, our demeanor is mentored and modeled by the word of God. We ought to look into the world daily. James 1:25 tells us that whosoever looks into the perfect law of Liberty, the word of love is given to Man in Christ and continues in it, he not being forgetful hearer, this man shall be blessed in his deed.

This is the time that we behave as a child of God and not as a slave.

Children of God through Faith Prayer for Today

Dear Lord, thank you for today, I thank you for the Grace that you have given me to be your child. I give you all the glory because you are my father and you have accepted me into your family through Christ Jesus. I pray that you give me the power to behave like a child and not as a slave, I believe that you will be there for me and you will never leave me alone. Amen.

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