God will provide all your needs

God will provide all your needs – Prayer for February 2. You don’t have to trouble yourself too much with whatever situation you are facing since God is your Father, you can go to him and he will take care of you.

Bible Verse for Today

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19)

The Bible tells us that we are God’s children by faith in Jesus Christ. Therefore we are no longer slaves. We are legitimate children of the Most High God, Creator, and Owner of the Universe.

We now have every right to come boldly into the presence of our heavenly Father. Our sins have been forgiven and we are brand new creatures in Christ. No more guilt, no more condemnation. The past is past, our past is erased in Jesus, he has brought us into the fullness of family.

God loves us and he is responsible for us he has all we need in his hand. 1 John 2:1-2 reveals the depth of the Father’s love for us. It says that now we are the children of God. You don’t have to wait to become children. We are already children of God. Therefore we ought to commit our case, anxieties, worries, and concerns upon our Father for He cares for us.

God is your Father now, He is responsible for you. He will always care for you. God cares for and about you because you are His child. He is responsible for your well-being.

You ought to live in the light of that truth. You ought to walk in the consciousness of that understanding because it will put you over the challenges of life no matter how big they are. Expect your Father to meet your needs. Expect Him to guide you and lead you.

When you are talking to God in prayer, talk to you with boldness and confidence because you know that he is your Father.

God will Provide all your Needs Prayer for Today

Thank you, heavenly Father, for your love and care for me. I acknowledge that you are the one responsible for my well-being, therefore, I cast all my cares upon you. And I refuse to be anxious about anything for I know you care for me affectionately and tenderly. I believe that whatever I need when I ask you are going to give me. Thank you, Lord, for the Grace to be a child in your family. Amen.

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