WE ARE MADE IN GOD’S IMAGE Prayer for February 20

Prayer made in God's image

We are made in God’s image – Prayer for February 20. Only a situation can be ugly but it can never make you ugly because Christ covers you. Don’t have it in mind that you’re ugly or you are not the best, it took God time to mold you so you are unique.

Bible Verse for Today

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful; I know that full well.” (Psalm 139:14)

Think about the creation, God created everything in this world with His words, He speaks them and they come to be. Look at nature, all things are beautiful. We see some things sometimes and we marvel at their beauty and wonder how God made them. Now consider yourself, made in God’s image. God Himself used His hands to mold you, He didn’t rush or just speak you to be, He molded you. If words alone can bring about beautiful nature, then what about His handy work? You are beautiful.

Some ugly situations may come that will want to deface you or make you feel ugly, like disappointment or failure, they come just to take the happiness, joy, and blessings. Such situations are inevitable in human lives, just let God handle them for you and they can never destroy your beauty, they can only add to your beauty – all things will work together for good – because Christ is your beauty. The glory of God shinning on you makes you beautiful, blessings, joy, happiness, and even success follows. They are what makes you beautiful in Christ.

We are Made in God’s Image Prayer for Today

Dear Father, I thank you for a beautiful day, you also made me beautiful because I am the work of your hand. All you have made is beautiful and wonderful but I thank you that I am more beautiful and I am made in God’s image.

Nothing will make me lose my beauty, Christ is my beauty, I will forever be beautiful and nothing will tarnish my beauty.

Joy, blessing, happiness, and success will. Make all ugly situations beautiful for me today. I declare today that I am not cheap, I am expensive and I will not lose my value to anything. Amen.

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