GOD GIVES POWER TO MAKE WEALTH Bible verse and Prayer March 7

god gives power to make wealth

God gives power to make wealth – Bible verse and prayer for March 7. Only God gives a pure wealth and wisdom that no one can boast of getting by himself. Ask wisdom and wealth from God.

Bible Verse for Today

“Those who trust in their riches will fall, but the righteous will thrive like a green leaf.” (Proverbs 11:28)

Wealth is good but to God, there is nothing good in the wealth of a sinner and a wealth accumulated in an ungodly way. The sinner’s wisdom cannot save him because rather than sincerely look up to God, he depends on himself and gives credit to himself for all his achievements. King Nebuchadnezzar is an example in this regard. God’s judgment came on him while he was busy beating his chest and ascribing glory to himself for what God had done (Daniel 4:28-32). Are you taking credit for your exceptional ability at school, at work, or in your ministry? It is God’s doing not you.

If God’s children would fear God and live holy, the wisdom they would get from God will not only give them wealth but also life, with health, and safety. Solomon asked for this kind of wisdom because he knew he could not do things himself. God surprised him, he didn’t give him only wisdom but also gave him wealth. God wants to give you the wealth of nations and also give you wisdom that will make be outstanding in all you do. Just tell him, ask like Solomon did and you will get it.

God gives power to make wealth – Bible verse and Prayer for Today

It’s another day you have made Lord, it’s a beautiful day you have made. Thank you for making to see the day. Your eyes were on me all through the night, you preserved and protected me. I thank you for all. Lord accept my thanks in Jesus name.

I seek for forgiveness Lord, forgive my mistakes and help me never to go back into them. Teach me to forgive also and to show love.

Lord, in your hand is wealth and wisdom to do great exploits, I therefore ask you for great wealth today. For only yours is perfect without sorrow attached. I pray you endow me today. Amen.

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