God gives growth to the Church. Devotional for Today, January 24

God gives growth to the Church Devotional

God gives growth to the Church. Imagine a three-acre plot of land on which you want to start an agricultural business. But the plot is completely unprepared. The soil is marshy and the uneven ground is overgrown with bushes. A lot of effort is needed before the first plants can finally be planted. You cannot do it alone. It takes a whole team of workers.

This is how the mission of preaching the gospel, as described by the Apostle Paul, should be imagined.

Devotional for Today, January 24

I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. (full text at 1 Corinthians 3:5-8)

Let us Proclaim the Gospel Together

The work of proclaiming the gospel is a team effort. This principle must be known by everyone who has a burning desire to serve the people in bringing them the Good News.

The Bible passage given to us by the daily devotional speaks against the cult of personality. It speaks against forms of community in the Church that turn into a fan club for some leaders.

It is not the charismatic priest or pastor, the energetic preacher, the admirable leader who must be at the center of the Christian community. God is the center of the community. And people should not come for the charismatic leader, but for Jesus. This is what the Apostle Paul warns about.

A community of believers grows and develops because each member contributes in a cooperative way.

God Gives Growth to the Church

But as a church, a community grows only if God grows it. The Church grows when God gives the growth.

Otherwise, it is not a Church, but a gang of like-minded people or a pastor’s fan club.

Paul and Apollos are God’s workers. One works as an evangelist. The other works as a teacher. But both are only servants. They complement each other, they work together, they bring their different abilities to the service of the Church. They serve one purpose: the proclamation of the Gospel and the growth of the Church.

Prayer for Today

Lord Jesus, our Saviour, help us, the children of your Church. Strengthen us, for the world hates and attacks. Renew every member of the Church with your love so that they may praise and thank you.

Help that our listening and speaking, that our thinking and acting, that our taking and giving, may be in service to You, our Lord. Amen.