Jesus Christ is the Foundation. Devotional for Today, January 25

Jesus Christ is the Foundation Devotional

Jesus Christ is the foundation. This is the Apostle Paul’s main point in today’s daily devotional on January 25. Jesus is the foundation of your personal life. He is also the foundation of the Church. The foundation holds up the whole building. He is the determinant.

Devotional for Today, January 25

By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as a wise builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should build with care. (full text at 1 Corinthians 3:9-17)

Proclaim the Truth

To put it figuratively, a simple poor little church has stood through all the storms of time and has remained to stand because Jesus was the foundation. But a cathedral of great beauty collapsed because many things were important except Jesus Christ.

We can call Paul a wise builder because he laid the proper foundation in the Christian communities he founded.

Paul is the best example of a missionary. He speaks the truth to people. He doesn’t try to lure them into Christianity with cheap “gospel of success” gimmicks like “Accept Jesus into your life, and your bank account will be full.”

These “missionaries” care more about their bank account than Jesus.

Jesus Christ is the Foundation

Paul preaches the Cross and resurrection. He preaches the actual, suffering, and triumphant Christ.

In doing so, he lays the foundation for the Christian community. That is why, even amid the tremendous persecution of Christians, the members of the Church have remained faithful to their faith. Many of them even sacrificed their lives for Christ and died as martyrs.

This was because their faith did not stand on fine words but on Jesus Christ’s crucified.

The building must take shape. The foundation alone is of little use.

That is why we build our lives daily according to God’s Word and will.

Prayer for Today

Lord Jesus, Son of the Living God, I have the foundation for my life in You. In You, I have found an anchor for my life’s ship. Where else but in Jesus Christ, who died and rose again for me, can I find the meaning and strength of life. Bless me today, Lord. I want to live all day long for Your glory. Amen.