GOD INSPIRES Prayer for January 12

God inspires

God inspires – Prayer for January 12. To get things done perfectly or to be extraordinary in this world, you need the inspiration of God. Let’s tell God to inspire us to do great things today.

Bible Verse for Today

“But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.” (Job 32:8)

In the time past, there are difficulties in getting things done because there are limited technology and techniques to get things done. Over the years, people began to invent new things that can ease the works of man. The inventors get their inspiration from different things and from different people. The thing or the person you get your inspiration from will determine your limit.

Some technologies have been outdated now and they are not useful because there is no more inspiration from their source anymore. When you make God the source of your inspiration, you will do extraordinary things. To be creative, you need inspiration from the things around you and the places you go to.

When you focus on the things around, you will definitely see something that can motivate you to do something great.

One thing is to get inspired and it is another thing to stay inspired and then make it work by taking actions. You can get inspired by things around, you can get inspired through the experience of someone.

The greatest inspiration comes from God. The Bible was written through the inspiration of God, Noah built his ark through the inspiration of God. Going to God for inspiration is not a bad idea, it is a way of complimenting the inspiration you’ve gotten from the things around.

You can make a difference, you can dominate and build things that will make life easy for the people of the world. You need to allow God to direct you, you cannot go alone and go far. Inspiration from God can be gotten from the Bible, God inspired the authors to write the Bible, you can be inspired through it too. Tell God today to inspire you to do great things and become exceptional in this generation.

God Inspires Prayer for Today

Lord, I thank you for my life and for a great day like this. If I have looked elsewhere forgetting you for inspiration, please have mercy on me. You are the only one that can inspire one to do a great thing, I trust in you for great things. I want to make an impact, I want to solve people’s problem. Amen.

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