God restores us

God restores us and helps us to keep priorities – Prayer for May 16. When we lose focus on what we have initially planned for ourselves or what we made to be at the peak of our schedule, we have misplaced our priorities. So let’s tell God to restore us and help us never to lose our priorities.

Bible Verse for Today

“Don’t stare at me because I am dark – the sun has darkened my skin. My brothers were angry with me; they forced me to care for their vineyards, so I couldn’t care for myself – my own vineyard.” (Song of Solomon 1:6)

The scriptures tell us to love our neighbors as ourselves. This includes loving the people of God, our family members, and even our enemies.

Yet, we should allow nothing to come between us and our love for God and the works he has given us to do in this life. When we take someone else to work above ours or love someone else more than ourselves, something has gone wrong because our ability to love others is measured by our ability to love ourselves.

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The maiden in the text was made to serve others; neglecting her works, she lost her priority. She was forced to guard and take care of their vineyards while hers was not kept and taken care of. Because she was exposed to too much sun, her skin color changed, and she became dark; her beauty faded because she lost her priority.

In this same way, the devil is trying to make us lose our priority, why we were saved. He wants to change our thinking; he wants us to neglect the things of God. Yet with patience and consistency, we will overcome and remain beautiful in the eyes of Christ.

God Restores us Prayer for Today

Lord, deliver me from anything distracting me from my original goal. Help me, Lord, not lose focus on you and neglect the things you have called me. I pray that irrelevant things will not overtake my priority. Let not anything divert my attention from you, Lord, today. Amen.

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