God is a righteous judge

God is a Righteous Judge – Prayer for May 23. God has always been faithful to his people, he does well all the time. If we remain faithful to him and we are pure in heart, he will always be good to us. Let’s tell God to be good to us in all we do.

Bible Verse For Today

Surely God is good to Israel, to those who are pure in heart. (Psalm 73:1)

The final analysis and conclusion of people who truly know God and understand His dealings is that “God is good.” He is not unrighteous or unfaithful.

Many times, we tend to misjudge his dealings with ours, particularly when we become impatient with him and do not understand the direction he is leading us because when we expect something we don’t get it fast.

The psalmist had thought that his faith in God was in vain and that he had been stupid, trying to live a righteous life. He drew his conclusion because he didn’t look deep into what has been doing in his life. It was probably after he sat and reconsidered how God has helped him that he concluded that God is a righteous judge and good to those pure in heart.

Sometimes, things may not go well with the believer, but that does not mean that God is not good or he is not faithful to him.

Whatever path God chooses for us, it is for our good and our well-being. We must start to show people that God is good if we as Christians are not seeing God as a good God then we have nothing to show the world about him. He has been preserving us, providing, and protecting us, that is enough to be grateful to him.

And God is a righteous judge.

God is a Righteous Judge Prayer for Today

Lord, I thank you because you are a good God, you are a loving father. If not for your goodness over my life, I don’t know where I would be today, but I’m grateful for all. Anytime I make mistake, your word corrects me and you forgive me. The love you have for us is great, you direct us on the right path, and you shield us away from evil. Continue to be good to me and my family, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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