GOD TEACHES US Daily Prayer for August 23

God teaches us

God teaches us – Prayer for August 23. Praise the Lord, from whom all blessings flow. As men, we often see life one way, the way that makes sense to us. Our carnal minds only give us a limited view, but God wants to give us a different point of view.

Bible Verse for Today

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. (Psalm 32:8)

Believe it or not, God wants us to see things through his eyes. He wants us to see things his way.

Paul writes that we believers have “the mind of Christ,” because His spirit dwells in us leading us and guiding us. Before we were saved, we walked in the natural and we saw in the natural, but once you give your life to Christ, you begin to walk and see in the Spirit. As we are obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit we begin to learn to see things the way He sees them.

What God sees isn’t always pretty when it comes to the Church. We have compromised too much with the world and in some cases integrated it into our ministries and services, instead of separating ourselves from it. When we see things in the natural we tend to not see things clearly, and we can’t discern the complete picture of what God is doing.

So, let’s stop walking around seeing in only part, and wearing bracelets with W.W.J.D. (what would Jesus do) and study God’s word and get plugged into His spirit so we won’t have to ask what He would do we’ll know what He would do. Lord teaches us and guides us in the way we should go, so let’s take Him up on His offer. God bless you all.

God Teaches us Prayer for Today

Father God, thank you, for caring enough about us. Lord, show us how you see us. Help us Lord to obtain the mind of Christ, not only to obtain it but to use it in everything we do, so that we can see clearly as we go from day to day in this life. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.